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The bar stools in the kitchen were purchased at Modernica on Beverly. You can customize them many different ways - white or black, tall or short - different bases - but for comfort order the (way too expensive) leather cushion. The people who work at Modernica are really lovely and nice!

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8/11/09 09:52 AM

Hi - Allison here - just a few things I want to clarify. Firstly Jeff Soler our architect did an amazing job - we could not be more pleased with how well he married the modern glass box with the 1930's cottage house. He is great. Also the house is 2000 square feet - certainly not small but not what happens when some Los Angeles additions are made (wall to wall house shoved on a city lot) - We added 400 square feet (mostly in the kitchen) -My husband's business runs from here & with two growing kids, a dog, cat (& all those fish!) it seems small sometimes. We left the original foot print of the house alone & built out over a roof above our bedroom to get the extra space in the kitchen.
The long skinny chandelier was chosen to work with the line of the windows & view - provide light at the table but not screw up the view from other parts of the kitchen - the other lighting in the kitchen is artemide.
The pottery in the kitchen is a collection of stuff I have picked up over the last 25 years - lots of it is from Atwater Pottery, but also early Jonathan Adler and others.
The beige sofa in the living room is Jonathan Adler also.
The powder room with the tile & Moroccan fixtures is actual quite dark - most of the pictures are terrific but those do not quite capture what I will stand by as its charm.
There are a few things I would love to change about our interior - I am sick of the hodge podge chairs around the table in the kitchen - I would love something else but the table is large & the legs are somewhat awkwardly placed & I have not figured out what will look best - I am leaning towards something modern in white but worry it might be too trendy and not practical (remember we have 2 small kids). Also the sconces in the bedroom were placed way to high (I lost that argument & it continues to be a bit of a sore spot). I also recently (before this was published) culled the rug collection - I agree way to much.
Thanks again for all the comments - We love Silverlake & have been here for 13 years now. I have to admit I still wake up in the morning, walk into the kitchen and giggle - I got my dream kitchen and it makes me very happy.

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8/10/09 10:03 AM