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First things first, I'd swap out the light fixture in the foyer area so that it creates a unifying line between the top of the windows and gets rid of that existing fixture. This should bring the eye down some, too.

If you want something dramatic, you could do a big tree, spreading mural, centering the trunk in that corner, and spreading the branches all over the place. With a few well-placed hooks and shelves, you could also add some landing-strip functionality with items "hidden" on the tree.

If you don't want it over-the-top but like the tree, you could go with a tree decal or stencil to get a silhouette but avoid the clutter. Or go live, and place tall plants (maybe an ornamental lemon?) behind the sofa to break the foyer's corner line, help to unify the space, and hide the banister.

How To Add Visual Interest to Stairwell Area? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/12/10 06:26 PM

Pack a box designated as first to unpack -- which has enough essentials to make it through the first day or so without searching through all of the boxes. It should include items like the shower curtain, a set of sheets, toilet paper, a few basic eating essentials (e.g. a glass, plate, and set of silverware or plasticware, etc.), and anything else you're likely to need right away.

Moving 101: Top 10 Lessons Learned Tips that Worked | Apartment Therapy DC
6/16/10 04:03 PM

One of our schnauzers perks up at all instances of dogs, horses, or cats on TV (even commercials), and he responds to video game versions of animals. In fact, he's afraid of big cats and will run away from the television any time a lion, tiger, panther, etc. appears.

We queue up YouTube videos of other dogs, particularly running dogs or schnauzer puppies, for him, and he'll sit and watch for up to half an hour.

Do Your Pets Watch TV? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/15/10 02:35 PM

Our cats use a closet, but we couldn't cut the door. Instead, we placed a baby gate over the entrance. We placed two boxes side by side inside the closet, then between the boxes and the gate we have the new litter, a sealed bin for used litter, and the scoop. The cats are left with a about two feet of space to step out of the boxes and then jump over the gate. This forces them to leave picked-up litter behind, and it has the added bonus of getting them some exercise :)

Hiding the Litter Box In a Closet | Apartment Therapy DC
6/10/10 09:14 PM

We host a game night at least once a month, and we have found that different groups tend to different types of games. It's difficult if one or two people show up who don't enjoy that type of game, so we choose a featured game for our invites. This draws in a crowd that likes that type of game (e.g. Settlers of Catan for a strategy group, Hearts for a card group, Bohnanza for a social group, Apples to Apples for an even more social night, etc.), and we vary them so that we get to see different people each time we host.

How to Host a Winning Game Night | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/10/10 08:05 PM

I agree with sturgeongeneral -- take the doors off the cabinet. It will open it up and make it feel less oppressively overwhelming. With the open shelving you'll gain without the doors, roll towels, place some candles, books, and maybe some nice baskets/bins for storage. This gives you more control over the look, since you can choose bins that really work with your style.

The paint, of course, has to go. If you go grey, using a fabric or a darker grey on the back wall can provide some depth. New hardware on the drawers is a simple fix.

Which just leaves the gingerbread trim -- and others have suggested ways to hide or remove it :)

How to Deal with "Hideous" Built In Cabinet? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/4/10 07:38 PM

We live in central Pennsylvania, and it frequently rains in the late afternoon during the summer months. To avoid water-logging, we water in the early evening so we can assess moisture levels more precisely.

What's the Best Time of Day to Water your Garden? | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/4/10 02:56 PM

Cancelled ours about 2 years ago. Hulu and Netflix cover almost everything, and several of the networks host their content directly on their sites, as well. We watch a lot of shows and movies, and we appreciate that we have more control over the time we watch, as well as being able to access content (e.g. international films) that are less available on traditional cable service.

Have You Considered Canceling Your Cable Service? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/15/10 09:43 PM

My spouse is a photographer, so we have a lot of nude photography around the house. Even if he were not, most of our collection focuses on the human form in some way, so we would be hard pressed to avoid having this in our home.

If we can tell a guest is distracted by the art, we bring photography into the conversation. In response, we usually get a question about which photos are of us. This personal connection seems to be the real source of discomfort.

I acknowledge it might be selfish to display art that some might find distracting or offensive. Honestly, though, we are proud of my spouse's work. Why would we hide it? Not displaying it sends a message that we are somehow ashamed of it.

I think it equally selfish of a guest to expect someone to rearrange his/her home at the level of decor to remove potential discomfort. Should we decorate our homes all alike so that all uncertainty is removed -- I mean, someone might hate stripes. Should we cover up the stripes when guests come to visit just in case they are distracting or discomfiting? At some point welcoming and accommodating your guests turns into effacing yourself and your own style.

The Proper Place For Nudes | Apartment Therapy DC
3/20/10 02:41 PM

You could do a plummy purple if you prefer a lot of color, but I agree with pniccole that a nice bright white is probably best if you aren't swapping out any of the tile.

You could place some small frames with b&w images on the shelves, or some candles for bath-time ambiance and nice scents when guests visit.

Paint Color for Blue White Tiled Bath? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/15/10 07:28 PM

I agree that a sofa perpindicular would divide the room nicely -- it places your work space in one area and your social space in another. It also places the social space as the space that your residents encounter as they walk in.

If a sofa simply won't fit or makes it impossible for you to get to the back portion of the room, you could opt for a series of seating cubes. Get a nice geometric area rug to serve as the focal point, put it in front of the fireplace, and place the cubes around the edge of the rug.

Furniture Layout Advice for Dorm Room? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/25/10 07:18 PM

We put on a full album of music and clean until the album's over 2-3 times a week. Rather than having one major binge, we're able to do a couple of shorter ones. Most albums aren't so long that it becomes tedious and it has the added benefit of freeing up our weekend time. Paired with the one-task-a-day, we are able to make the real binges be project time (decluttering!).

Apartment Therapy Chicago | One Small Chore to Help You Master Daily Cleaning
10/19/09 07:22 PM

I agree that red and yellow looks either country or like you're trying to encourage people to move along...

I suggest silver -- grey will complement the dark red well, but since you prefer the brighter colors, silver is a nice way to bring in some light but work with the contrast.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What Color Walls to Go With this Sofa? Good Questions
9/21/09 10:22 PM

We've re-purposed a container (it originally held Schneider pretzels) for this purpose. It's tall, so nothing falls out, and it is just the right size to catch coffee grounds from our permanent filter if we tap the filter on the jar's lip. We fill the container up throughout the day and empty it each evening. It has a screw-on lid, which we use to keep the cats keep out of it and to limit any smell. We've found we're much more likely to get all of the small bits from veggie prep when there's a container there, and repurposing a bin prevented something from going to be recycled that can be reused.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Look! A Kitchen Scrap Bowl in Action
8/7/09 03:31 PM