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If painting a piano doesn't dampen the acoustics at all and the instrument in question is not an heirloom/Jesus's Steinway, then there's no reason to be uptight about it being painted.
Love it. Great work!

Before & After: Colorful Piano Makeover East Coast Creative
7/26/13 12:24 PM

-Talk to the cat, a lot
-Dawson's Creek or some other equally embarrassing nostalgia show on Netflix
-Sleep in the middle of the bed
-Eat tofu and other foods my husband doesn't like

What Do You Do When You Finally Have the House To Yourself?
7/24/13 11:12 AM

Last week we did a hash with thinly sliced red potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and kale, then topped it with a couple poached eggs. If I'd had bacon, I would have used it too, but I didn't. Good and super duper cheap.

What Are Your Favorite Recipes with Kale? Good Questions
7/10/13 02:08 PM

I think that the proportions are off, it looks like your furniture is too small for the space. I'm not suggesting you buy all new furniture or anything, I sure wouldn't. It would help if you got some of the pieces away from the wall so it filled the room out more. I can't tell what's on the opposite from the sliding doors, but if it's just a wall, I would move the couch in front of the sliding doors about 2-3 feet away (so you can still get out), place the TV on the opposite wall, and place the yellow chair angled in next to the couch on the entry-door side.

Help! My New Living Room Feels \"Off\" Good Questions
7/9/13 11:13 AM

I have the Artisan model (tilt-head) and I love it. I use it primarily for bread/pizza doughs (at least twice per week for 6 years), and it's holding up like a champ. It does wobble a bit with heavy doughs, but it's not violent and doesn't seem to be struggling at all. One thing that I've noticed is that the pin that hinges the head to the base gets nudged out a bit after heavy use- but I just use a meat mallet to knock it back in every once in a while.
Buy an extra bowl, if you can. It would be handy to have two if she bakes a lot!

What Kind of Stand Mixer Should I Buy? Good Questions
6/26/13 10:41 AM

I am moving far away from WI this summer by car, and am seriously considering bringing about 20 lbs of cheese with me. I didn't think it was possible, but now I am reconsidering!

Hot Tips: How To Travel With Cheese The Cheesemonger
6/20/13 12:17 PM

Run from Saabs. RUUUN. Or, better yet- buy mine!

Eating Well on the Road: 9 Quick Travel Snack & Meal Ideas
6/20/13 12:13 PM

Not for me. I don't hate it, but I don't think it's interesting.

Sarah's Color & Composition at Home House Call
6/17/13 09:45 AM

Two of my best friends got married last October. They rented a lodge at a WI state park about 30 miles from where we live.The best part of it was the reception. Since we (and many of the other guests) went to music school together, they basically set up a giant open-mic night. Everyone brought their instruments and voices and got to dedicate their own version of a song to them. It was really a lot of fun!!

Tell Us: The Best Wedding You've Ever Been To?
6/13/13 10:04 AM

Thanks for the ideas, alice- especially the disposable litter trays. As far as music, maybe I'll pick something and try to condition him until we leave to associate it with good things, like brushing and belly-rubbins :)

Tips for Feeding Pets on a Road Trip
6/6/13 03:56 PM

He's been in the car a few times- but only to go to and from the vet, so he's not so much a fan. He was actually feral/lost (not sure) until we brought him inside in, it will be interesting. I like your idea of getting him used to the car before we go- that might help a bunch. And then maybe he'll stop associating the car with horrible things :) I'm leaning towards letting him roam the car like you did- I think if we keep him on his harness, we can clip him into a leash before we get out of the car to take breaks.

Tips for Feeding Pets on a Road Trip
6/6/13 03:53 PM

I know this article is geared towards dogs, but I'd love to know what people do with their cats. The timing really couldn't be better- my husband and I are moving from WI to OR in a couple of months and we'll be driving 2000 miles with our cat in a sedan. I am stumped about how this is supposed to go. Anyone have success in a similar situation? I'd love to know what you did! Thanks ahead of time!

Tips for Feeding Pets on a Road Trip
6/6/13 12:50 PM

Usually I pick lunches that I can eat all week- it really simplifies my morning if I can prep everything Sunday and then assemble on weekday mornings. This cuts down greatly on what I can bring, but it sure saves money and time. I'm fond of snacky lunches- apples, cheese, french bread, olives, etc. Tortellini salads with tomatoes and artichokes are another good one, and it tastes better as the week goes along.
Otherwise, leftovers. Cold pizza is my jam.

Pack Your Lunch! Favorite Recipes & Tips To Help You Eat a Great Lunch
5/20/13 08:57 AM

When my husband and I were in our early twenties we purchased a condo. One of the first things we did was start ripping away the horrible plaid wallpaper in our kitchen and dining nook. We got about halfway through the nook, then stepped back, and realized that the large piece we'd torn away made a spot on the wall that looked freakishly like Europe. Italy, the Scandinavias, even the UK were represented- it was truly weird. So we grabbed some crayons and filled in the boundary lines, drew in the mountains and rivers.
The map stayed for about 3 months and then was painted over. I miss it.

Maps in the Dining Room Dining Room Inspiration
4/11/13 10:15 AM

Jeanna I live an hour from you! Not to be creepy...
Ok, I'm done.

Where-To-Live Quizzes: Have You Taken One? Did You Follow Its Advice?
4/9/13 04:04 PM

It's a flat screen television, why must the box stick out so far?
Honestly, I think it would look much better if they just placed the TV in the spot without the clunky box. It hides nothing.
More importantly, how on earth can they even see it?

Did You See This Secret Fireplace Feature?
4/9/13 04:00 PM

You could consider them like built in picture frames and put some prints that you like behind the glass

What To Do with Interior Windows-to-Nowhere? Good Questions
4/8/13 11:54 AM

I'd go with a dark teal, and then keep all the accents white.

Wall Color Ideas with Dark Kitchen Cabinets? Good Questions
3/29/13 03:03 PM

The after is beautiful, but as a poor person I'm baffled. The before cabinets were nice- they could have been painted any color. The counters and tile were great. I would have just put up a new vent hood over the island. I mean- obviously your kitchen and all...

Before & After: Jane's Brooklyn Kitchen Transformation The Sweeten
3/28/13 10:08 AM

I have a quiet closing toilet seat that I bought for $8 at Menards. Not everything needs to be expensive/Kohler.

8 Ways to Rescue a Rental Bathroom Renters Solutions
3/25/13 12:02 PM