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I have a 5 1/2 month old and I shove anything I can into my pie hole! If you knew me up until last year with my mirco greens, nuts, berries, elimination diets... no dairy, no bread etc... I'll eat anything now at any time! Go figure!!!!!!!

Why Having a Toddler Made Me Eat More (and Not Better)
6/28/13 12:15 AM

I think it's a great idea to keep things consistent. I took a walk around my neighborhood today and a similar thought crossed my mind, if the average person had the ability to be/stay consistent in their own vision, how much nicer would everything look?! I am not a fan of faded lawn flags and dead foliage on trellises and this paint color on this wall and that paint color on that wall. I just envisioned everyone in their happy homes done to their liking and not neglected and I wished that there was some sort of app for that! keep is simple, keep it consistent!

Down to the Details: Would You Have a Pantone Wedding?
6/28/13 12:05 AM

This is so tacky! This would be like an episode of some dumpster diving tv show, where the challenge would be to only find trash and create a centerpiece for a table. GROSS!

Rustic Meets Modern Industrial Table Setting
11/27/12 04:57 PM


A Brilliant Santa Barbara Home
11/6/12 03:34 PM

My mom just told me about them last week, I caught this exact episode on HGTV this past weekend. It seems to me that they put a bunch of colorful (sometimes tacky) things in a room and call it "design" I'm not sure how they got to be so popular. Not a fan!

Natural Modern Williamsburg Townhouse Home By Novogratz
10/22/12 04:59 PM

etsy has great pillow sources, check this one out! It's my moms shop, even better :) she does custom orders too.


Need Kourtney's Pillow Source, Please? Good Questions
10/22/12 04:58 PM

I made this yesterday on the 4th for my family. It was a hit! Thank you :)

Happy 4th of July from The Kitchn!
7/5/12 07:28 PM

it's about time. I have been waiting for them to do this for years!

Chilewich's New Velcro Floor Tiles Neocon 2012
6/12/12 05:40 PM

this is still ugly as ever, worse in my opinion... BLEKH!

Before & After: From an Eyesore to Sassy
Classy Clutter

2/29/12 02:45 PM

all moms need to read this post

When Not to Leave a Voicemail
2/14/12 10:19 PM

I'm actually wondering if this is an actual home and not a showroom or rented photography space.

Annette's "Compact Chic" Room
11/14/11 05:52 PM

This was an add for PLANTATION Home about 5 years ago... Curious if this room actually still looks this way! This is kinda sneaky....

Annette's "Compact Chic" Room
11/14/11 05:51 PM

DON'T do anything twice! Don't spend money to "fix" the temporary situation. Buy a can of white paint and maybe a new light fixture, but super cheap on craigslist, nothing more than $20. Seriously... It would be my suggestion to see the floor plan for your bedroom / master bathroom. I have a few ideas up my sleeve for you... (maybe, depending on the layout)

Tiny MCM Bathroom Remodel Ideas?
Good Questions

11/10/11 03:44 PM

I dont like any of these options, espicially that first one

Bold Blue-Greens: Teal Interiors from Around the Web
10/19/11 06:45 PM

I'm the only one who disagrees... I like the idea, but maybe the fact that the pattern doesn't match up or "flow" on the side makes me cringe. My point is, if someone is going to take the time to do all that work, shouldn't the pattern match up? Perhaps the same pattern, but in a smaller scale would've been a better impact. Wouldn't it be nice to get a full set of 3 on the back? It's like a math problem.

Before & After: Amy's Dressed Up Bar Stools
The Casablanca Transformation

10/14/11 07:15 PM

It's nothing I haven't seen before, very LA/California. The backyard makes the house. The structure itself is great to work with. The interiors and accesories are like I said, nothing we all haven't seen before here on AT. It's great all in all...

John's Memory-Filled Miracle Mile Home
House Tour

10/3/11 04:42 PM

I might not "like" everything picked for this space, BUT I am impressed with how it cal came together and the tidiness of it all. Kudos!

Samer's 1930's Streamline Moderne Apartment
House Tour

9/15/11 01:34 PM

typical. It's trying to be refined, but it missed the mark for me.

Robbie Laughlin's Beautiful Runyon Canyon Apartment
House Tour

9/13/11 01:49 PM

I actually got anxiety looking at this project.

Alan's Colorful, Daring & Dramatic East Austin Home
House Tour

9/13/11 01:45 PM

It's great, but I got bored about half way through. it's a typical, California, decorated house. Of course I would love to have the opportunity (money) to have such lovely things. I got bored, sorry...

Jennifer's High/Low Home in the Hills
House Tour

8/12/11 07:42 PM