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Thanks for all the great tips and ideas! I definitely agree that I need more lighting, but unfortunately there is no overhead light and the room only has two outlets, so the only place I can have a lamp is where you see in the picture. The couch is right next to a doorway so the floor lamp is out too. I love the flor tile idea (why didn't I think of that?!) and the white drapes and colorful artwork as well. The tv stand is a dark espresso color and I think I will paint it white and the inside of the shelves a blue color :)

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8/13/09 05:49 PM

What a beautiful space. I absolutely adore your couch!

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8/12/09 06:45 PM

If you decide to paint, you MUST sand and prime it first. I had an "abomination" debacle a few weeks ago and learned the hard way.

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8/6/09 09:38 PM