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I had a similar set up in my last apartment. On the window thing at the top I put a bamboo roman. When pulled up it let the light in, and when down it blocked a lot of the light and acted as a decorative wall piece. For the doorway with no door I originally had one of those wood-bead curtains draped to the side, but it drove my boyfriend crazy so we ended up putting a bamboo grommet drape on a rod which stacked tightly to the side when not closed.
Of course it will depend on the bamboo or fabric that you use, but I found mine highly effective at blocking light and sound because a) it's wood, and b) it was assembled almost like a fence, with the 'planks' overlapping in front, behind, in front, behind....

Not sure if you're looking for a natural look or more of a mod loft thing, but hopefully this will give you some ideas.
Good luck!

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7/7/11 07:34 PM

I'm with Erica2500

Adding Texture with Patterned Floors
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3/8/11 11:03 PM

Ryan, is the deer head still available? I'm in Whitby but I will drive all the way out to see you if I can buy it at a reasonable price ;)

Interview With A Thrift Shop Insider!
3/5/11 12:22 AM

^ I hear you

Jessica and Angela's Art-Filled Oasis
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3/5/11 12:12 AM

As a retail store manager I have to stand up for employees. We might want our commission but (most of us) aren't out to get you. If somethings wrong I do my best to fix it because we're not going to get anywhere if our customers don't return for future purchases and bad mouth us to their friends. When people get ridiculous though (I was 50% off! I want it free! I want this and this and this PLUS what I ordered) then I get pissed.

10 Things Furniture Stores Won't Say

2/8/11 10:34 PM

Beautiful house... so cozy.... I love the originality and the warm and how you're not buying into that empty modern FAD everyone's doing.
That IKEA bed- I've been planning to buy it when I can get the funds and a vehicle to transport it. Do you love it?

Lizzy's Lovely Little Dollhouse
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2/3/11 10:25 PM

Yeah something about this article irked me... not sure if it was the self promotion, the "hot friend" comment (without a picture to back it up) or the so-so decorating. Love the duvet cover though, and the view of Toronto rules.

Mike's Masculine Mischief in Toronto
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2/1/11 02:04 PM

Shelves above the sink fah sho. It'd be sweet if you had all white dishes and cups, It'd brighten it up a bit...

What To Do With Small, Angled Ceiling Kitchen?
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1/19/11 06:23 PM

The worst ones I've seen are "antique" (aka some crappy broken thing from the 70s), "teak" (aka ANY medium-brown wood or MDF)... oh and one time while searching for cars: 1992 Sunfire that a tree fell on top of, crushing the roof and breaking all the windows... "but other than that it runs really well!" WHAT?!

Do You Suffer from Craigslist Elitist Syndrome?
1/19/11 05:52 PM

Is that an environmentally friendly DISHWASHER I see?

A Berkeley Professor's Tiny Backyard Cottage
1/18/11 11:27 PM

Soooo great. I strive to make my place look as warm and welcoming as this but have a long way to go. Love this tour.

Lauren's Collection of Stories
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1/18/11 03:07 PM

Ohhh my goodness. Please let me move in with you. Or at least be a friend. In-law? This is the home of my dreams- you're an artist.

Scott Leaves the Suburbs Behind
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1/14/11 09:45 PM

I agree with some of the above comments- if I love a book, I know what my copy looks like. My novels are ALL organized by colour and I love it. I did the same thing in my business... we sell blinds, and at the back have tracks with 3 slats of every vertical available. How can you cover that much space with unsorted colours? Too messy. Organized by colour is much easier on the eyes IMO :)

9 Ways to Organize Books: Which Is Your Style?
1/14/11 09:29 PM

Beautiful soft lighting for cheap... yes yes yes! This is fantastic for my tiny bedroom with no room for side tables. This site is my hero.

DIY Glowing Headboard: Cheap, Quick & Easy
1/12/11 09:34 PM

What was that "pervert" newspaper clipping collection all about? Kinda creepy. Otherwise nice space.

Becke's Rural Vintage Cabin Space
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1/11/11 09:05 PM

Holy spam on this post.

Ideas for Bath & Kitchen in Barcelona Rental?
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1/11/11 08:52 PM

I've been doing this ever since my boyfriend destroyed our iron ;) I needed it done on my wrinkle-loving dress pants minutes before leaving for a big interview, so I sprayed and then.... stuck 'em in the microwave! They came out fantastic. And yes, I got the job :)

Hot Tip: Wrinkles? Forget the Iron. Use a Spray Bottle.
1/4/11 06:59 PM

I'm with RocketScientist.. HA! I love how she says she "needs" the car for her weekly errands. I haven't had a car in 3 years and I travel to work, grocery stores, meetings 4 towns over... it's called the bus. Or the bike. Or your FEET.
Thehb struck it right on the head with the toothbrush carbon footprint.
This lady is for show IMO.

A Resolution: Zero-Waste Home for the New Year
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1/4/11 06:26 PM

"What is your biggest indulgence? Our crib."
WHAT?! I sell window coverings and the first thing I noticed in these pictures was those ammmmazing shutters! Those can run you an arm and a leg! The CRIB put you out more? Wowza.

Lainey & Nella's Pretty Place
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12/3/10 07:00 PM

"usually just shout "Five-O" and every books it." LOL @ISAACHUFFMAN

When is the Party Over?
11/30/10 11:47 AM