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Children! I was a total dorm design NUT in college, and I still use many of the nifty little things I acquired during my four years there. My favorite little tid bits that helped to make my dorm exceptionally homey:

-This may sound a little offbeat, but I went out to the dollar store and purchased a bunch of wrapping paper, which I used to "wallpaper" my walls. Stay away from busy prints and bright solids, as both are distracting. Stick to neutrals and simple prints, like stripes, that are easy to match up and easy to work with.

-Check out antique stores. Sometimes they have such old and nearly decrepit items that you get a real steal on something you only need for a short time anyway. I got a huge, really gorgeous old gold leif mirror that was missing a little piece for under $20.

-Don't even bother with hanging around June to garbage pick 6 year old vomit crusted couches left on the side streets in your college down. Gross. Instead, take a fun springtime drive with a friend who has an SUV in cute, classier towns. Redecorating couples throw away some wonderful items during spring cleaning. This is how I scored a beautiful kitchen table, which I later found out is worth over $600 by a furniture buff family friend.

-Jersey cotton extra long sheets. Cheap, come in ever color, and incredibly soft. When you graduate and hopefully make some real money, then you can splurge on things like high thread count.

-Never underestimate the luxury of non-halogen lighting.

-Art, whether it be crude collages constructed from torn out magazine clippings or a $10 Monet print, is priceless.

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