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Two words: pizza party!

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of September 21-22, 2013
9/21/13 01:25 PM

Baked shrimp with cornbread, green beans and roasted cauliflower, followed by affogato, for some friends tonight. :)

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of May 18-19, 2013
5/18/13 02:27 PM

Simple from-scratch pizza tonight (well, made earlier and frozen), breakfast burritos tomorrow, and then pork steaks on the grill for dinner. Lots of chores so keeping it easy.

Had a fab potluck dinner with friends last night though, I brought an almond cornmeal cake, and we had a feast of guac and chips, sliced meats, curried chicken wings and huevos rotos. Five nationalities around the table makes for a weird and wonderful spread and some fun conversations :)

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of May 11-12, 2013
5/11/13 10:24 AM

Pizza with ricotta base and spinach & broccoli last night. Lunch today for the parents is roast topside of beef with Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes. It got frosty again around here!

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of April 27-28, 2013
4/28/13 04:41 AM

It's warming up a little, so beef burgers with zingy chickpea / pinto bean salad and a little simple potato salad last night. It was raining too hard to actually grill though :( Tonight, simple dinner of grilled pork after a long cycle. Got plans to break out the slow cooker for some kinda beef for the week since it's going to get chilly again.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of April 13-14, 2013
4/14/13 03:01 AM

English rhubarb just turned up in the greengrocer! So some kinda sweet rhubarb thing, maybe whole wheat muffins since I have way too much whole wheat flour. Not sure how that's gonna work out!

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of March 16-17, 2013
3/16/13 08:43 AM

No, but I just have to say YAY for the British beer pic :) Spitfire = yum. Reminds me of a windy a rainy seaside holiday in Kent that was absolute bliss.

Do You Ever Save Empty Beer Bottles with Cool Labels? Beer Sessions
3/14/13 06:02 PM

Eating up leftover slow cooked beef cheek, and making side and dessert for Mother's Day lunch (nobody panic... UK version!)

Inspired by Italian oranges at the greengrocer's, have done caramel-blood orange upside down cake. It was a little involved for my baking aversion, but it looks beautiful. Eating the caramelly bits from skillet not too much of a chore, either ;)

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of March 9-10, 2013
3/10/13 01:39 AM

Wonderful. I usually shy away from competition but today I raced. Hard, but the self-testing and accomplishment feels fantastic.

What Kind of Cook Are You? Weekend Meditation
3/3/13 11:47 AM

I am totally imagining bringing a coconut to the gym, and nestling it in the bottle holder on the treadmill, with a straw and a cocktail umbrella. It would really glam things up!

Coconut Water After a Workout: Is It Really Better For You Than Water? NPR
1/14/13 04:17 PM

Mac and cheese with herby crouton topping. Red Thai chicken curry with lots of veggies. Burgers with emmentaler. :)

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of January 5-6, 2013
1/5/13 12:46 PM

Signed up! I thought I submitted my email address in advance but now remember that it got glitchy when I tried to type on my phone.

We moved to a new place in August - can't believe it was that long ago - and have lost momentum. This will be great, since we now know better how the space feels, how we use it, what the light is like.

It's Not Too Late! Join Us & Get Organized:
The January Cure

1/4/13 03:17 PM

We are in the UK and will be celebrating on Sunday when all the family can join us, so the real work starts tonight for us! :)

How Did Thanksgiving Go for You? Share Your Thanksgiving Dinner Reports!
11/23/12 01:50 PM

Today, grilled steaks as a late lunch for some friends, with roasted garam-masala-spiced cauliflower and carrots, and some very buttery mash. And then a long time lingering and chatting over coffee. Perfect after a frosty ride through the park!

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of November 17-18, 2012
11/18/12 02:37 PM

I'm scared of making pastry!

What Are Your Baking Hang-Ups?
11/12/12 04:28 PM

Tonight was grilled pork with homemade applesauce and boiled potatoes. Tomorrow, beef and barley stew.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of November 3-4, 2012
11/2/12 05:09 PM

Today I belonged to my friends, whose laughter filled the house this afternoon. Also to the warm sunshine that warmed me, before the freezing shade kept me cool, while cycling up an epic hill this morning.

Today I Belong to the Tortilla Weekend Meditation
10/14/12 04:33 PM

I kinda disagree. We have kept our kitchen in a much better state since shrinking the drying rack.

With a massive rack, our tendency was for the person who didn't cook would do the dishes alone and then leave stuff to dry overnight. We got a smaller rack which doesn't hold an entire meal's worth of pans and dishes, so now we habitually do dishes together, one washing, one drying. More social, and the job actually gets finished, so nice to come down to first thing in the morning :)

With the bin, personally I prefer to empty a small bin often, as it gets less gross. A big dirty smelly bin I find icky, and am liable to delay going near it.

Remove These 3 Road Blocks to Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner and Happier
10/3/12 05:11 PM

Surely that is not going to be bright enough to do any good?

Monocle: The App That Turns Your iPhone into a Bike Light
9/14/12 12:31 PM

This is a strange idea. Why would you not just put actual canned food up there; form AND function.

Or, is there something better you could do with the space? Wine bottle cubby holes, maybe?

Where Can I Find Fake, Decorative Canned Goods? Good Questions
9/7/12 12:12 PM