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Silica litter is very dangerous to cats. Cats groom themselves and therefore ingest anything they step on or that sticks to their paws and body. Silicone is poisonous and can build up in their systems over time.

Good old fashioned clay litter is safe but you can't flush it.

World's best is better than Swheat scoop and the extra strength/ multi cat World's Best produces far less dust than the regular. It is not the best for clumping but it's sufficient and safe.

Feline Pine is great for odor control but does not clump so it depends on which is a higher priority- easier cleaning or better smelling.

Can't recommend the Litter Robot enough- it is fantastic for odor control and daily cleaning takes under 2 minutes.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Tidy Cats Litter for Small Spaces
9/2/08 11:45 AM

I have heard crushed mint leaves repel rats. I have no idea if it's true, but it's safer than mothballs.

Apartment Therapy New York | Rumor: Rats Eat Cars on the Upper West Side?
7/15/08 02:17 PM

I use World's Best Cat Litter - which is made from corn as some people have mentioned. It is flushable, natural and biodegradable. I dispose of waste daily by flushing it and don't use a liner since my cat's shred them anyway.

Then, once a week when I do the full replacement, I remove what's remaining of the litter in the pan, clean the pan with some Seventh Generation or method spracy cleaner, and dispose of the waste and week-old litter in bio bags - which are biodegradable kitchen-trash sized bags. You can buy them on (I know, I know, delivery is not the greenest option but 2 out of 3 aint bad).

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Simple Green: Put Kitty Litter in a Paper Bag?
7/15/08 02:06 PM

i am in the remove it camp. I think at the end of the day, after you buy curtains and rods or plants or artwork you are going to spend as much as you would to have it removed. Call a contractor and have him/her come in and give you an estimate- that doesn't cost anything except a little bit of your time.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: How Should I Cover Up This Mirror?#comments#comments
6/26/08 12:19 PM

I have these as well. You can also get them at the Container Store. The lid does 'cup' so that allowing you to stack them.

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6/5/08 02:17 PM

perfect timing. I am closing on my first place at the end of the month and this would be a huge jump start to getting the place set up. Thanks for the opportunity!

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4/4/08 01:42 PM

It is so common for cats to fall out of windows the ASPCA calls it "high rise syndrome." If ordering custom screens or jiggering something safe enough is out of the question you can go the window guard route. Your building management or super is legally obligated to install window guards in any apartment where children under 6 reside or any apartment that request them. You can set them so that the window is only able to open an inch which will probably do the trick. I volunteer with a rescue a group - as kdkaboom said it is a dealbreaker if an adopter does not have screens - and the group recommends window guards for these types of situations.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: A Screen For This Window?
11/27/07 10:02 AM

While the furniture is not my taste, I like the color-blocked wall and I think it's useful in that it shows you can update a room with color if you can't afford to replace your furniture all at once. I think it would be more cohesive if the window treatments which are on the same wall are identical, and prefer the curtains to the vertical blinds with the ruffly valence.

Apartment Therapy - #28 - Vinnike99's Recreated Experience
10/26/07 11:25 AM

you should get extra points for doing all this on a college budget.

Apartment Therapy - #39 - Matt's Color Everyday
10/26/07 11:17 AM

I have the Kattbank. When I bought it everyone said, I can't believe you are spending $2000 on your cats. And I said, I am not spending $2000 on my cats, I am spending it on me. I could have diy-ed my own ala Ikea Hacker but to be honest I work crazy hours and don't have the time or the patience (or the skills). I don't have room in my bathroom to tuck away even a basic litter pan without and didn't want one front and center for all to see, not to mention stepping around it and the stray litter that has been sprayed onto the floor so I needed a discreet, attractive solution for my bedroom. The Kattbank filled the bill and it was totally worth it.

kdkaboom- one of my kittens has a sensitive stomach. I tried every premium brand of canned cat food on the market and none of them worked. Tell your mom to try Nature's Variety (formerly Prairie) frozen raw food. It straightened my kitty right out and it's nutritionally complete, human grade and a very natural diet for cats.

Apartment Therapy - Kitty Washroom
9/25/07 07:55 AM

Liuba- I just bought my Sonno (and it has yet to arrive so I may not be much help). I went to the store and did the obligatory 2 minute, fully clothed lay down, and I decided to go with the firm. The firm seemed to have enough give to it form me and I thought going softer might be a problem because I want some support. A firm Sonno is hardly the same things as a firm coil mattress and had a lot give without sinking into the entire mattress. Well, not in 2 minutes at least. Good luck.

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 510
8/30/07 02:21 PM

If one of your own cashmere or wool sweaters has a hole in it, you can take it to a re-weaver for repair. The cost of repairing a dime-sized hole is about $20-$40. That's responsible consumption- saves you from throwing out or donating the old sweater and a whole lot cheaper than buying a new sweater.

Apartment Therapy - Sun Moon Lake Recycled Cashmere Quilts
8/21/07 08:10 AM

Sorry to chime in on the puppy mill issue, but there is absolutely no comparison to puppy mills vs. breeders. Puppy mills keep breeder dogs caged their entire "breeding life" in horrible conditions; they are feed and given water and nothing else- they receive no attention, love, affection, exercise, etc. Their sole purpose is to produce and they are treated just like any other farmed animal. Once they are no longer able to breed due to age or health complications they are routinely euthanized or on occasion given to a shelter for adoption. Breeders (presumably) interact with their dogs, feed them, groom them, exercise them, treat them as pets, allow them into their homes, etc. That being said, I would encourage anyone looking for a pet to go to their local kill shelter, a rescue organization or petfinder first.

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7/23/07 08:53 AM