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when staying in a hotel never leave your suitcases on or near the hotel bed. keep it in the bathroom so there is no chance of any stowaways jumping in your stuff and coming home with you.

Apartment Therapy New York | Bedbugs: Our Ultimate Roundup
5/27/09 04:43 PM

This is a fantastic house tour. I love that it shows your unique style, but also looks like a cozy, comfy place to come home to every day.

I was so excited to see that you have one of those "bamboo style" bureaus. I got one as a hand me down from a roommate and I just painted it sage green. I really like you red/purple version!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | House Tour: Phillip's Lower Haight Shared Arrangement San Francisco
8/27/08 07:17 AM

Yeah, I really wanted to use them a year ago for my move but after leaving about 20 messages over about 3 weeks time with NO call back I gave up on them.

Apartment Therapy New York | Rabbit Movers
8/22/08 05:49 AM

Does anyone know if Rabbit Movers is still in business? I've been trying to get in touch with someone for about two weeks for my Aug move and have not gotten any response from my repeated voice mails and emails. I just tried to call again and their mailbox is full.

I really wanted to use them since MUG said they were good for small moves. I only have about a studios worth of stuff and didn't want to deal with a big mover.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Rabbit Movers
7/23/07 07:00 AM