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What? I returned this yesterday. It is awful. For $99 you can grab a pair of Bose Companion II, that sound infinitely better. The only possible use of this product is if you were working a very very small trade show, had only your macbook, and wanted to keep a low profile for space or travel concerns.

That said, it looks awesome, is USB powered and has a cool box.

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12/1/09 02:09 AM

I've been into this palette for years...... if you are interested in embracing it, check out Swallowtail on Polk and Green. Amazing shop!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Black, White and a Hint of Natural Green
8/5/09 03:42 AM

You've got an amazing space and some interesting accents, but you're lacking in any real substance or direction. Lofts can be tough to make work.... I'd go for sparse with some great signature pieces and tone down all the accents.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Jason's Book-Filled Loft House Tour
8/5/09 03:40 AM