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This is absolute perfection....cozy and eclectic. Would LOVE to see the rest of your home!!

Eulalie's Playfully Bohemian Nursery
Nursery Tour

10/7/11 05:02 PM

This was my absolute favorite game growing up! It's great fun even as an adult :)

Rivers, Roads & Rails
by Ravensburger

7/20/11 08:37 PM

The idea is awesome (even for those of us who don't have kids!) and switching over to reusable bags would be an easy fix. Love it!

Create A Snack Station

5/8/11 09:05 AM

This is sweet. I'm really liking the combo of woods, metals, old and new....perfection :)

Real Life at Home: Matt's Converted Garage Design Studio
5/8/11 08:59 AM

I'm currently living in southern NH and what I wouldn't give to be living in Portsmouth--such a great place!

Your home seems so cozy, love the wall colors.

Christopher's Spaciousness
4/25/11 04:51 PM

Would love to see more before/afters featuring plain-jane apartments!

How To Add Character to a Drywall Box
4/25/11 12:13 PM

Agreed--would love to know the source for the credenza.

20 Shoppers Guides for Renters, Room by Room
4/24/11 10:36 AM

Ooooh....I DO like Annies. Tough call.

Make or Buy? Macaroni and Cheese
4/22/11 08:52 PM

Green is my favorite color...this shade is gorgeous!

Before & After: A Vintage Desk Makeover
Natty by Design

4/22/11 08:45 PM

Love it. More pics??

Alyssa's Artsy Girl Next Door Apartment
House Tour

4/21/11 05:09 PM

I youtubed a few clips and this show is NUTS! Ditto to everyone saying 'yikes' to this issue.

For those of you mentioned using coupon sites for fresh/organic foods....which do you use? Let's hear more tips from the non-hoarding gallery :)

Weighing in on Extreme Couponing
4/16/11 08:55 PM

agreed--cat on the printer? Cutest picture ever.

Five Tips to Overcome an Office Afternoon Energy Slump
4/12/11 04:27 PM

I grew up doing this with my allowance each week (at the time, my college fund served as the charity...haha) and have been trying to instigate it as a Christmas tradition in my family for the longest time! It hasn't caught on, yet.

What a great idea for a party!

Birthday Gift Alternative — How About Money?
4/12/11 03:48 PM

I might be alone in saying this...but... individually, I like each of the pieces in the chevron curtain room, but I'm not sure about them all together.

The TV room is FANTASTIC. It seems a little more grounded while still keeping the comfortably mismatched look. Love the art piece on the wall.

Joi & David's A+ Illusion of Luxury
House Tour

4/11/11 09:20 PM

Hmm...I can't quite figure out how I feel about this.

On one hand, it's fun and quirky...but why not cover something that isn't pretty to begin with? I like the street light idea.

99 Yarn Bombed Trees by KnittaPlease
3/23/11 05:27 PM

I agree Sara--There's nothing worse than soggy socks!!

I put my socks zipped up in a large lingerie bag when washing and drying and it works great.

Keep Socks Together in the Laundry With This Simple Tip
3/10/11 03:29 PM

Definitely not childish at all--especially when they are framed so professionally :)

I would do this in my home!

Before & After: Using Childrens Books as Art
3/8/11 03:59 PM

I am a total blanket's really bad. Sleeping with separate sheets is the only way my BF and I can share a bed. I used to think king-sized mattresses were overkill but I'm beginning to come around on that, too :)

Oh, and love the HIMYM reference on AT!

Sleeping Style: Twin Beds
3/3/11 12:28 AM

ooh..more, more!!

Amanda's DIY Experiment
House Call

2/27/11 06:16 PM

The countertops...ooooh I love those countertops! Especially paired with the silver hardware and green walls. I could definitely cook in this space :)

Before & After: Taking a Kitchen from Dark to Light
2/27/11 01:23 PM