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This looks amazing! And from what I can tell it is gluten free!

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6/27/10 05:41 PM

My roommate and I are actually quite lucky! Both of our hallways (one to the front entrance from street parking, and one the back one from gated parking) are all shiny wood and white railings for the stairs. Our rent is very low also. I am loving an interior door because I have an escapist naked cat who doesn't understand he shouldn't be outside.

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9/10/09 11:41 PM

I love these sheets also!

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8/4/09 06:50 PM

I concur with the get rid of the cardboard box thing. I also never paid for boxes because you can get them for free from wal-mart. I just don't like cardboard boxes because I don't have the space from them, and spiders love them...
Other than that, these are great tips. I have only lived in 2 places for a year each, but they were my home, when I lived there. And I am moving into an apartment now I plan on living in for a long time with my kitties and girl, and have already made it into a home, even though I am still going to school/working 90 minutes away (and sleeping on a friends futon).
Wow, what a pathetic first post! But remember if you don't like spiders, don't keep boxes!

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8/4/09 06:47 PM