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I am also in love with arc lamps, but was able to find a much more affordable version at Cassona in Chicago. It's designed by a Canadian company and has many of the same features for only $199.00! The base is marble and the top of the lamp also has holes to cast light on the ceiling. So far I am incredibly happy with it over my dining table since we have no ceiling lights in our apartment.

Singing Praise: The 4 Pieces I Love at Home
3/13/12 03:08 PM

My apartment is at the unfortunate intersection between diesel truck highway of NYC (Amsterdam), impatient cab drivers anonymous, wasted Columbia student 24/7 party, and triple dip bus stops. Basically, there is barely a moment without sound and I have 3 ancient windows in my room to help me hear everything as clear as a Bose sound system.

For a few months I was tossing and turning, pressing pillows to my ears and even DREAMING about loud noises. One time a barge was floating up Amsterdam to park at my window and I was hurriedly preparing for its arrival.

Fortunately, I've now gotten used to the noises, not without the help of a floor-fan (I bought the loudest one) and my window AC unit. Give yourself a few months to become accustomed to your space and don't spend a ton on every gimmick right away. Time and a fan is all you need. :)

Apartment Therapy New York | Sound Proofing an Apartment from Street Noise? Good Questions
8/4/09 10:44 AM