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This room is adorable! I love the custom piƱata.

EM's Loteria-Inspired Nursery My Room
7/10/12 03:08 PM

Really Cute room! I also have the same questions about the mural. is that a photograph you took and had blown up at Kinkos? When taking the photo in how exactly do you tell them to blow it up? (what size?What is it printed on? )

My Room: Sawyer

7/26/11 04:10 PM

I Love this Party!!!

My Party: Graham
Nashville, TN

11/2/10 09:58 PM

I like what Kerri M said....

My son just turned two and we did the whole "picture perfect party"...
I ended up spending way too much money and I'll never do it again...
The kids were more interested in the bounce house and the pool.

I would like to see more REAL parties...
Besides the candy buffet is getting kind of old.

How Far Do You Go For A Fabulous Birthday Party Or Shower?
9/27/10 03:58 PM

Thank you!!

Happy Birthday Max
9/21/10 01:08 PM

Oh my god!
This is so Freaking Cute!!

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Busytown Birthday
10/8/09 03:10 PM

so cute!
where did you get that little blue house with his name on it?

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Happy Birthday Wylder
8/8/09 06:40 PM