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Hi , Any chance you can share the wall color? I think that's the right one for our new kitchen! Thanks!

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9/21/13 08:02 PM


Can you please share your recipes for savory pies using almond flour? I'm GF and would love to try them out.


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9/6/13 10:52 AM

This is so amazing! We are looking for a teepee for our son too. Can you tell us where you got yours? Looks solid and simple..just what we want. Thanks!

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3/28/13 12:25 PM

My son is allergic to eggs. How do I adapt the recipe so I can make this for his first birthday? Thanks.

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10/13/11 03:27 PM


Sounds delicious and so easy to make, will be trying it this weekend. Can I do this without a food processor?

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10/30/08 08:30 AM

Amazing stuff...where can I buy?

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7/7/08 02:15 PM

Does anyone own the Miele Carina model? Recommended? Seems to be the only affordable model that might work for my hardwood floors and 2 rugs.

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6/25/08 07:03 AM

Thanks everyone!!
Laren - The painting/print is from Crate and Barrel, picked it up at one of their sales.
Can anyone suggest how to fit a big book shelf in there? I'm removing the current one but I'll have to replace it with another HUGE one.

I'll put up more pics when I'm finally done!

Thanks - Vidula

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10/4/07 05:22 PM

Anushka, I would love to have (i.e. buy) a stencil of the tree painted on the wall, have you thought about creating one?
Or do you have other ideas on how you can share it?

#24 - Anushka's Modern Merge with a Classic Twang
7/22/07 12:08 PM