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Have an issue with #3: Why take everything out of a container to put into another container?

1. If you keep everything in the box it came in then it is already pre-labeled and even has an image of what it belongs to on the box.

2. Easier to stack and organize boxes on a closet shelf than a bunch of wilty bags. Also, no need to pull any bags out to see what's written on them, just glance up at your boxes picture for what you need.

3. Keeps one more box and inserts out of the landfill.

4. Much nicer to re-sell items still in their original box and packaging.

The First 5 Things to Do with Your New Camera
2/21/12 11:03 AM

Interesting to see how each of these was paired up with white walls and lighter tones. The hue is such a great Earth tone I guess it could get lost in a different color scheme... Nice to see natural colors given a chance to "pop" instead of having to rely on bright oranges or reds or neons... :)

A Golden Glow: Luscious Brown Leather Seating
12/1/11 10:53 AM

Quick question: I wonder how much Caryl Stern, President/CEO of UNICEF, paid for her mattress? I mean, gosh, she only makes about $480,000 a year? Poor lady, I wonder if she even sleeps on a bed? I could only imagine how hard her floors must feel in the wood shack she must surely live in.


Review: The Kluft Royal Sovereign "Concerto LS" Bed
A Year in Bed

11/27/11 02:11 PM

@KittyAtlanta: You should call Barney's and ask them to give you your space back... Oh, wait...

10 Useful Holiday Tips From Lady Gaga's Workshop
11/22/11 08:33 PM

I agree with tekcor. This is not a "calibration" of an SSD, this is more of an "optimization". When you calibrate something you configure a device so that it meets a higher set standard, when you optimize something you configure a device so that it performs as effectively as possible. Also, not sure how disabling defrag in Windows constitutes a calibration of the device for the OS, it's more changing the OS to suit the device.

How To Properly Calibrate Your New Solid State Drive
11/10/11 11:10 AM

Can anyone please, please, please source the white with wood base planter in:


It's not in their resources notes...


Julie & Rob's Current Twist on Mid Century Modern
House Tour

11/5/11 01:47 AM

@CBRAUN: According to their sources:

"Hi"- artwork by Adam Cohen

Julie & Rob's Current Twist on Mid Century Modern
House Tour

11/5/11 01:45 AM

Thanks for the tips, but what a terrible looking apartment to use as an example.

Spreading Out Speaker Towers for Maximum Coverage
10/20/11 03:07 PM

@Wormy: I didn't even notice those pipes, but now that I do, what would you think if each one of those pipes were colored a bright hue? I can see each pipe being a Bright Red, Green, Yellow would give it a bit of an artistic pop.

A Minimalist Village Pied à Terre by Magdalena Keck
Desire to Inspire

10/20/11 12:50 PM

Love the furniture, their layout and the editing. Love everything but the flooring, a darker wood would make the whites pop and not make everything seem so whitewashed. But that's a very, VERY minor Nitpick.

A Minimalist Village Pied à Terre by Magdalena Keck
Desire to Inspire

10/18/11 10:56 AM

@chelsevans85 It's a shame you probably won't see this post, but Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! That's exactly what I was looking for! :)

It's in the Details: The Case for Steaming Curtains
10/17/11 05:19 PM

*Applause* I am having such a hard time getting motivated to paint a wall one color, so I admire you for the work and the fabulous result!

Sara's DIY Wall Grid Tutorial
House Bella

10/14/11 11:28 PM

Anyone know where to get the stencil for those rings in the first pic? I fell in love with them from the "Time Consuming" post and asked there but got no love.. Thanks in advance!


It's in the Details: The Case for Steaming Curtains
10/12/11 08:40 PM

Where can I get the stencil pictured above?

Passing the Time During Time Consuming Projects
9/12/11 11:04 PM

Hey, it's Father Vito Cornelius!!! Love the 5th Element!!

Three-Button Home Automation
Electronic House

7/28/11 04:29 PM

So any word on that killer orange rocker? Looks so inviting, I needz one!

Blade & Amy's Modern Miscellaneous
House Tour

7/12/11 03:29 PM

Love the design, just wish it didn't have the opening on the top. Would make a great bedside carafe but the thought of dust getting in it isn't appealing...

I'm Boo Carafe by Muuto
5/20/11 11:25 AM

Anyone know what light bulbs they're using in the Dining Room chandelier?

Jeffrey & Joseph’s Sophisticated Sense of Humor
House Tour

12/2/10 01:41 AM

The construction vids are great:

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BatakM9iAik
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPjcXkKxkIA

Black Dwarf NAS Treat Hard Drives Like Floppies | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
5/8/10 11:56 AM

Be careful, Apple might consider cat hair a Bio-Hazard and void your warranty:


The Secret Inverse Desktop Keystroke Only a Cat Could Find | Apartment Therapy Unplggd#comments#comments#comments
12/16/09 12:47 PM