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I see several people who like me, were given free reign to choose paint as a teenager. I was quite patriotic, so I went with 1 red wall, 2 blue walls and an american flag mural. It stayed that way until a year after I graduated college. I had just been laid off and spent a week or two painting it back to a nice light green. My mom swears it is now the same color as before the flag. I can still see stripes on the wall in certain light and the ceiling has a slightly blue area.

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3/13/14 03:01 PM

I like it! But, where does one acquire a Pipe bender? I would probably use plasti-dip to make the ends more floor, wall and coat friendly.

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2/28/14 12:53 PM

Interesting, when I was a kid visiting a historic inn in the south, maybe New Orleans, I learned that pineapples (maybe wood ones) were placed on a guest's bed when they had out stayed their welcome.

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2/28/14 12:49 PM

Fedex offers a service to route your package to any Fedex Office (Kinkos) in the area for pickup.

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11/17/11 03:12 PM

I have 2 (or 4 depending how you count) sets. My Primary set was my grandmothers, then my mother's and now mine. It has at least 12 settings, more of the tea set. It has big blue flowers. I used the pattern to pick the colors for my kitchen.
The other set is a combination of 3 sets. They are all a sort of plastic that is great for when drinking is involved. One is from Target with an orange brown starish pattern, one I found directly after leaving target at good will with a complementing green pattern and the third set is from joann fabrics, it has drink recipes on it.
Now I am going to have to do a blog post about my dishes, yay!

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9/2/09 11:39 AM

growing up my mom insisted we always wore shoes, even around the house. "Go put shoes on" was probably shouted about once an hour. Despite her insistence, we hardly ever wore shoes in the house. Now that I am on my own, I wear shoes even less. When we go home to visit mom, a pile of shoes forms near the kitchen door.

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8/6/09 07:32 AM

I have been using a hallowed out door supported by two small walmart shelves as my desk for two years now, and it works great. It holds up quite well to my two record players, 4 stereo speakers and clunky desktop computer.

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8/3/09 02:00 PM