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Re: "It takes a village" to raise a children, my response has always been "And the village is telling you to keep your kids quiet."

Amen to that.

People smoking on balconies has been a problem at every apartment - I can never open my windows because of it. By the time I smell the smoke, it's too late, it's inside my apartment. So I don't get to enjoy the fresh breezes, keep my AC bills down, or sit on my own balcony that I pay for.

I moved out of one apartment because of a constantly barking dog at a neighbor's open balcony door.

At the new apartment, it's kids screaming in the small strip of grass outside our apartment building where all of our windows face (which is NOT by the way the designated play area that their parents could have them use instead - but they would not be at the center of attention bothering people there).

Here's my test: If we all went out and did it, would they like it? Heck no.

Suppose I went on my balcony with a chemistry set and set off constant barrage of sulphur. Hey, I have a right to do whatever I like in my own home, isn't that what they say?

Suppose I went out onto the common grass outside all of our windows and played the drums for hours on end. Hey, I have a right. Isn't that what they say?

Now suppose we all did this doing various obnoxious things in common areas or in ways that invaded other people's homes.

The people who would complain the loudest would be the ones with the barking dogs, smoking cigarettes, and letting their kids scream now.

I really think they enjoy the negative attention they are getting. That's why you see them commenting on articles like this, defending the indefensible by attacking those of us who just want to live in a civilized manner. The majority of us are being considerate because we know if we all did whatever things would descend into Bedlam. My wish is for the inconsiderate ones to one day fully realize the enormity of the harmful effect they have had on other people's lives with their selfish behavior.

Noisy Neighbors and Outdoor Spaces

9/4/10 08:16 PM

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Apartment Therapy DC | It's Official: It's Better to Rent than to BuyWashington DC
10/9/08 09:19 AM

Housing returns are negligible if you figure in all factors. This article was written in 2005, so the numbers are even worse now. From Robert Shiller, Yale economist:

"...all of that increase occurred in two brief periods: the time right after World War II and since 1998.

Other than those two periods, real home prices overall have been mostly flat or declining. Moreover, the overall increase, including the booms, is not very impressive -- 0.4 percent a year."

Apartment Therapy DC | It's Official: It's Better to Rent than to BuyWashington DC
10/9/08 09:16 AM

I have had the Petrie sofa for 2 years. I am sorry I bought it. The retro lines of the design are appealing, that's what attracted me to it, since my place has a lot of 50's/60's pieces. I ordered it off the C & B website and had it delivered. I wanted it in loden, but the delay for delivery was really long, and I needed a sofa, so I settled for the stock color. The stock color is not white but off white, with a beige cast. I was disappointed when it came, because I thought it would be more white (as pictured on the website). The fabric is the biggest disappointment. The sofa gets dirty very easily, and if there was some type of finish on the fabric to keep it fresh, I never noticed it. And to make it worse, the fabric (think flannel) has an odd open weave that traps lint - and it's almost impossible to remove even with tweezers. The buttons on the seat cushions are coming off (and the buttons on the seat cushions were never comfortable to sit on) and the stitching on the tufts is coming undone. (No pets or kids used it, and it wasn't abused). The frame is holding up well, but the fabric on the frame is not. I'd pay someone right now to take it away, it brings the look of my place down. Just thought I'd share my experience.

Good Questions: How Will It Go Through My Door?
7/21/07 05:26 PM