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Okay I would have left this one alone, but as a student of Animal and Poultry Sciences, and someone who has a focus on reproductive physiology there are some things I would like to point out here.

Eggs ARE NOT the same thing as a woman's menstruation. They are not the chicken's period or anything of this ridiculous nature.
The "Eggs" which we consume from poultry are more equivalent to the nutrients found in the placenta. If fertilized, the ovum would be a very small part of the contents of the "egg" that would divide and grow to fill the shell and use all the nutrients provided inside as it matured. Inside the egg we consume there would be an unfertilized ovum but the majority of the egg's contents are metabolites that would have been available for the chick to grow if it had been conceived.

Therefore the majority of eggs is all the nutrients needed for a chick to grow (which is why they are so good for you to eat, since you need those nutrients too).

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What a beautiful space. What I'd like to know most though is where are the plates and bowls from? I love them!

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