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I love this!! All through HS I had set up an old thin coffee table as my desk with a meditation pillow to sit on, these are so much classier then that. @luxlvn please please share! I sit the same way too (even on air plane thanks to being really short), and chairs are never big enough nor comfortable enough to sit for very long like that.

Small Space Alternative: Kneeling Desk
3/4/12 08:59 PM

A deep muted plum, not a hum drum as grey.

Paint Colors To Accent Mustard Yellow Stove?
Good Questions

4/29/11 04:23 PM

A tip I learned from several costumers: most fabrics will rip in a perfectly straight line. So if you have a lot of fabric to remove just cut a small line at the length you want the fabric to rip at and then rip quickly. As with everything new test it on a small bit of the fabric to make sure it doesn't make the fabric do something weird like a gathering of the fabric that wont come out.

Simple Sensible Tips for Sewing Curtains | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/18/10 05:30 AM

A lot of community theaters would love to get neutral colors for base coating, as long as there is a decent amount and not starting to rot. It never hurts and you may even get free tickets for your efforts.

Good Riddance to Unused Paint | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/1/10 01:12 PM

-I always say sanding is never a bad idea even if you are using a good primer, sanding will give the primer that much more to hold on too.
- I also put toothpicks in the holes that I know I am going to use again for hardware and such so that paint doesn't get into them.
- if you are using a glossy paint I recommend using a high density sponge roller to give a good even coverage without having brush marks or roller marks (yuk).

Beautiful results by the way.

The Great Cabinet Debate: To Paint or Not Paint | Apartment Therapy DC
3/8/10 10:50 PM

Wow... nothing says safe quite like a jury rigged clamp.

4 Homemade Clamp Ideas DIY Network | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/3/10 03:50 PM

Wow that is absolutely beautiful!! Ive been thinking about doing a sky scene in my bathroom, so this is just even more inspiration.

Moody Bedroom Backdrops by Jean-Philippe Nuel Hotel Le Grand Balcon, France | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/21/10 06:59 PM

Living in Salem Mass right on the water I have to change out my bedding 3 times a year. In the summer I have a crisp white cotton duvet cover with a pastel green cotton sheets. Then in the mid spring a mid fall I switch to my red / burgundy velvet duvet with the same pastel green sheets (surprisingly the red and green doesn't look Christmasy but I love the contrast of the two colors against each other ) In the winter I switch over to my white t-shirt sheets and my king sized deep ultramarine duvet. Its just so cozy I have such trouble getting out of bed for an 8 am class. : )

Change Bedding for Different Seasons? Survey | Apartment Therapy DC
1/21/10 06:56 PM

I love them. They remind me of origami!!!

Nook: Lightweight Furniture Designs | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/20/10 08:03 PM

- You only need one swiffer sheet to mop.
-All your appliances are in miniature.
- You can watch tv from your toilet.
- All your furniture is tall to maximize wall and storage space.(Its a problem being short)
- You only have one window. : (

You Know When You Live In a Small Space When… | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/15/10 11:25 PM

Don't let any animals drink from the water tray on the tree. Most trees you buy have preservatives in them that are VERY toxic to cats and dogs. The sap from the tree can also make animals sick.

Holiday Cat-Proofing for the Home! | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/9/09 10:49 AM

Love, love love this! It reminds me of something out of Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream, with the rich jewel tones.

White House State Dinners: Decor, Entertainment, Party Crashers! | Apartment Therapy DC
12/1/09 04:01 PM

You can go with either the alkyd or the latex . I don't think they have a latex enamel that is a zero-cov paint and frankly I wouldn't use it. Zero-COV paint is great for basic wall painting and some finishes but as soon you start doing specialty finishes the paint wont giving you the same performance. At least that is my experience.

It doesn't surprise me to hear that with the alkyd white that it would yellow faster. Alkyd paints are just a solivent based finish with pigment in it (hence why alkyd paint doesn't come in a zero-cov option) . Think of that finish like a shellac that will darken and yellow with age. I have never seen this happen in person but then again the pieces I've used Alkyd paints on are for the Theatre so they don't stick around for more then a couple of years.

I would love to hear how your project turns out! Good Luck!!

Roping In Style: Decorative Functional Uses for Rope | Apartment Therapy DC
11/24/09 08:18 PM

123qwe to get that shine I would use an enamel paint instead of a latex. You will want to take the door off the hinges and lay it flat. Paint it with a very soft brush or a sponge roller let it dry. Once the paint is completely dry get some steel wool and buff the door in a circular motion, you are going to scratch it. Wipe the door down with a moist soft cloth to get off the dust. Then repeat painting the door and buffing it with the steel wool several times. After several coats you will get a beautiful shine that is durable.

Roping In Style | Apartment Therapy DC
11/23/09 11:12 PM

I am a scenic artist for the Theatre and what we do is "prime" the brush with water and shake it out even before we dip it in the paint. This helps soo much when its time to clean out the brush.
I always run my brushes under warm water, pointing down so the bristles don't get bent. I work the bristles to get as much paint out a possible (the water should such run kinda clear) before I use soap. We always use Murphy's oil soap as that helps keep the wood handles happy on the paint brush but dish soap works just as well.
Then gently swirl the bristles in a circle with the soap so that the soap is able to get all the way up into the dam in the brush. the dam gets clogged up with dried paint you might as well trash the brush. Then rinse the brush, gently squeezing at the base of the brush to see if all the paint is out at the top. You may have to repeat soaping your bush a few time. I always tell students it should take 5 mins to wash out a brush not 5 seconds.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To...Clean a Paintbrush
7/31/09 04:40 PM