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If you look closely you will see that the electrolux logo in this picture is superimposed and does not curve around the bulb shape. Also, if you own any electrolux appliances, you will also notice that they do not use blue ink on stainless or metal. The brand is a staunless on stainless logo. I think this is a fake - or at best a designer trying to get them to make one of his/her designs. Similarly, th eliability of a hot surface with no warning signs as designed here is something I doubt a brand like electrolux would want to make - especially since they have recently entered the USA market with a whole line of appliances. This just screams litigation.

Portable Fireplace by Electrolux | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
11/28/09 01:53 PM

I believe the people have spoken with regard to changing or damaging this by trying to modernize it, and I also agree. It is really simply too amazing to screw with. But that said I haven't seen alot of input about HOW to work with it.

My first gut feeling is that if you paint the walls a contemporary saturated color, with maybe even a sheen, you may reduce the impact of the wood against the walls. By using a cool color, the warmer tones of the wood can pop out and inform other color chices for furnishings. For example a deep purple wall with a bright orange set of pillows on a chocolate brown couch would pull this right into a color scheme.

I think if you plan to modernize the environs you need to look at designers who are currently repurposing historical artifacts into really modern designs to make them look more contemporary in a new context. A great example of this would be some of Phillipe Starcks latest work from 2009 for Baccarat Moscow and for East/West studios in LA. You need to think about how to engage this historical work in context with modern new pieces and colors such that you don't lose it and also it brings something unachievable to the design with anything other than a period feature such as this fireplace. Ultimately by doing this your process will become "additive" only and require less work overall.

Good luck and please listen and don't futz with it :)

Apartment Therapy New York | Ideas for Updating My Fireplace? Good Questions
9/21/09 01:04 PM

I disagree with the editor. Having installed both PAX systems and the Sliding Door Company doors, there can be little difference in quality between the better Ikea products and the Sliding Door Company door panels. Particularly when considering the variety of PAX doors which use anodized aluminum frames and glass (such as the "drammen"). The idea that because it is an IKEA panel it wil be cheap and not hold up to regular use is really misinformes when it comes to their wardrobe doors in my opinion.

The problem is more how to attach the IKEA track system the PAX wardrobes use and how to mount it to a flat wall when it is designed to mount on the top of a wardrobe. It ends up being a long process and I have seen it done but I always come away thinking "why go to all the effort?" The Sliding Door Company does have a Wall Slide system but it is pricey if you are on a budget.

Finally, on the moulding issue, if you mount your track off the wall by the width of one off the shelf piece of MDF mounding from Home Depot it usually will clear your existing mouldings quite well, though maybe it will not be as sound proof as you'd like.

Apartment Therapy New York | Can I DIY a Sliding Door? Good Questions
7/31/09 10:05 AM