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After years of trying to decide what to do with a sm bath I went green. Not the color green (unless the color of the french door counts) But used a few antiques(my first love) claw foot tub and a darling old corner sink.Along with the wood from the fence that blew down( lots of fencing) Now my little bath,that I call "Sow's Ear Bathhouse" is a comforting retreat. And totally Green

Art In the Shower
5/11/11 12:12 PM

Why not rent or buy a steamer. Probably about the same as using a car wash,no one gets angry and you can take your time.

Clean Dirty Home Goods At The Local Car Wash
2/11/11 01:31 AM

I love antique lighting and use bare bulbs. but their a standard bulb that looks like chandelier bulbs.They're not expensive and add a lot of charm.

What to Do with Bare Vintage Light Fixtures?
Good Questions

1/2/11 10:10 PM

Our China(a Pekingese) Watches after all the Flea lions,wags her blond tail,madly when she sees them but, loves her Bear the most. She was a rescue and might have been a companion dog for a man, before she came to our home. How do we know that? When Bear isn't feeling well she stays close by his side and on those cold N. California nights she sleeps on top of his bald head.She's his baby!

Catering to Your Pet's Quirks
9/14/10 09:30 PM

One more addition,I live in a rural area and found this works very well. Pour a cup of Ammonia on trash....Animals of all kinds think the scent is from a very large animal,and will leave quickly. It works very well

Bear Proofing Your Home and Campsite
8/6/10 03:14 PM

Most wonderful!!So inspiring! I love all the little details!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Craig & Sam's Treasure Filled Townhouse House Tour
10/31/09 10:28 AM

I love your home, what a inspiration!

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Anisa's Eclectic Shrine Pretoria, South Africa
7/31/09 12:38 AM