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That's obviously inspired by YHL's office: apart from the double seating arrangement, it's the idea of a single work surface placed on top of cabinets to create a wall to wall desk. But if I recall correctly, YHL were inspired by someone else... so, what's the problem? We all read magazines and visit design sites and blogs for inspiration. The point is to make it work for oneself. How many of us are truly original? Picassos are few and far between.

Before & After: A Dining Room to Office Makeover
The Weekend Homemaker

10/20/11 09:02 AM

Make a new drawer yourself without trying to match veneer or materials, mimicking only the proportions of existing drawers. Paint it a colour that pops, perhaps a glossy blue/turquoise as a wink to the vase you already have on top of the dresser. A sort of deconstruct-found-furniture statement.

Solution For Missing Dresser Drawer?
Good Questions

6/29/11 10:26 AM

I would paint the bed a light gray and go with the upholstered panels idea (by dearmisha) in either a complimentary/similar gray or even white.

Even just painting it and doing nothing else would change the look of your bed completely.

Should I Reupholster This Bed?
Good Question

1/26/11 05:01 PM

True hainanese chicken rice should never have shredded chicken as previously mentioned. One other thing that I have not seen mentioned is the silkiness of the chicken. It is essential that the chicken is not overcooked, resulting in dry meat. Apart from the different poaching techniques one of the secrets is to immerse the whole chicken at the end of cooking in iced water for 10 minutes. You heard me! Try it, it makes a HUGE difference in the texture of the chicken, even the breast meat (usually disdained by the chinese as inferior meat, because of its tendency to dryness) gains in humidity and silkiness. The chicken is then quartered and chopped bone-in with a cleaver and served with cucumber, the rice and of paramount importance, hainanese chicken rice chilli sauce (which is a world of its own and could be the topic of an entire post).

Hainanese Chicken With Rice from Mark Bittman Recipe Review | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/10/10 05:10 PM

Each to his own, yes? I allow my dogs on the couch and people who visit me in my home are aware of that. I would never presume that this means that my pets may use another person's couch. Just as I respect another person's way of living in their own home, so I expect someone else to respect mine. Otherwise, just don't visit!
That being said, I have an awesome vacuum steam cleaner...

By the way, not true that dogs need to be bathed regularly not to stink. Frequent bathing does not rid a dog of its natural body smell, sometimes it exacerbates it because the skin responds by producing more oils. Some dogs have a little or a pleasant odor and some have a strong smell. Luck of the draw, I've been fortunate with mine.

Pets On Furniture, Part Two Desire To Inspire | Apartment Therapy New York
2/26/10 10:28 AM

Love the concept, but who cleans all that glass?

Bringing the Exterior In: House in Buzen, Japan | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/25/10 02:21 PM

I agree with fraise, a one bedroom place in 80m2 is not a small space at all. Plus it's double height, if it were actually 2 entire floors that would be closer to 120m2 of space, and I'll bet the terrace is not included in the square footage. It's a lovely space but I would not call it small.

Small Space Inspiration: Poliform's 80m² | Apartment Therapy New York
11/30/09 04:18 PM

Well, I see many diverse opinions here about open vs.closed kitchens. Personally I would not let these sway you from your original plan as YOU will live in the apartment and if the small kitchen bothers you then go for the open kitchen. Invest in an excellent kitchen hood and you'll be fine. After all, I see that your "private" areas (bedrooms and bathrooms) can be closed off so there is no question of smells in these areas.

Also, if you are looking for a more spacious feel I would take down all the walls and doors seperating the living room and kitchen from the corridor/hallway as well as the kitchen/living room wall that you were thinking of. I would then install a door right where the first built in closets in the hallway begins to divide the private/public space. If a landing strip/entryway is an imperative I would create one with furniture or screens rather than a solid wall. Just look how much space you will gain by incorporating part of your corridor into your living room/kitchen/dining area.

I lived many years in Spain and I know very well modern construction layout tendencies. I think that you have the right idea and you should take this one step further. Buena suerte....

Apartment Therapy New York | Removing Wall Creating a Kitchen Island? Good Questions
8/3/09 12:47 PM

I would imagine looking at the pitch of the roof and the tiny sky light on the top that the bed would be in a loft just inder the roof. The toilet is probably an enclosed one at the back with the small window for ventilation. I agree that a porch would have been great.

Apartment Therapy DC | 64 Square Foot Home in North Carolina Tiny House Blog
7/30/09 06:09 PM