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My mother has successfully grown 2 pineapples from starts using the tops from store bought pineapples. I was surprised, but the little pineapples were tasty and sweet. Now that she has the plants potted one has successfully grown several pineapples.

The Kitchen Garden Experiment Modern Parents Messy Kids
5/1/13 02:25 PM

This is my favorite house on Alki - makes me miss Seattle. Every time we drive or bike past this house in bloom I smile.

The Most Flower-ful House I've Ever Seen
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1/31/11 09:48 PM

I am a cleaner, for some reason I find it easier to clean without wanting to complain when it's not my own house. I visited a friend and while she was working one morning I cleaned her kitchen (because I couldn't find a few things) she told me to continue and clean anything else I wanted.

Once, while house & dog sitting, the hired cleaning lady didn't show up so I cleaned the floors, kitchen, and put fresh linens on the beds before the family returned from their vacation. They were especially grateful (I thought I had accidentally locked out the cleaning lady & felt super guilty).

Cleaning Someone Else’s Home: Helpful or Creepy? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/4/10 10:55 PM

I do not agree that uneducated parents are solely to blame for the trendy or creatively-spelled name craze. Our society commonly looks to Hollywood for inspiration (as several posters have mentioned). Celebrities are often at the forefront of strange name trends. These trends do not all specifically relate to race or class. Take the classic example of Frank Zappa's children.

Many people misjudge ethnic names because they are not culturally educated. I grew up hating my name because it was constantly butchered. I longed for a name that was easy to read, pronounce and spell. Only as a young adult did I come to appreciate my heritage and therefore my name. I do not feel it is fair to lump ethnicity in the same category as 'creativity.'

Hottest Baby Name Trends of 2010 | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
1/13/10 06:51 PM

There are many valid points so far in the great name debate. I thought I would weigh in as a teacher. I too agree that the 'creatively' spelled names are too much.

When I look at my roster at the beginning of each year sometimes I heave a sigh. Some parents seem to believe that naming is some sort of a contest. Some parents think that if they spell a name in a unique (ie: incorrect) way their child will also be unique. This is not the case. Adding extra vowels or changing the spelling of a seemingly traditional name may only make life more difficult for your child. Creativity is not the only factor in bestowing a name.

Imagine looking at your roster only to find a child named YourHighness. Yes, this is a true story. Luckily, his sister's name was Michelle.

Hottest Baby Name Trends of 2010 | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
1/12/10 11:53 PM

I recently moved out of state and didn't know much about my new city. I wish I could be in a neighborhood again. I currently live in a great apartment that is almost a house, but is in the middle of suburbia. Nothing but complexes and cul-de-sacs for miles. I'd squish back into my old 1 bedroom in a heartbeat. The neighborhood made up for the lack of closet space.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What's More Important: Apartment or Neighborhood?
10/16/09 07:30 PM

I'm not really a fan of decals for the home - decals for my classroom are another story. I love that these aren't just cute sayings but that they actually function as frames. The fact that the frames are reusable is another bonus.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Re-Stickable Frame Decals
8/13/09 06:21 PM

Where did you find that great table for the entryway? I've been looking for something and this could be it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Erica's Organized Zones
8/4/09 11:30 PM

My husband and I came up with a solution that worked well for both of us. We sit down and make a list of everything that needs to be done and would divide the tasks one at a time, like choosing teams. We make sure that one of us didn't get all of the big items and it seemed equitable. For example, one person wouldn't get dishes and laundry (especially before we had a dishwasher). For my own sake, we would also impose a deadline for the chores. It has worked out well for both of us.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Chore Charts and the Equitable Household
7/30/09 03:57 PM