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As the youngest of six kids (I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers), I had to share with, at the most 2 other sisters at the same time, though we switched around at one point and I just shared with 1 other sister until my sibs started to go to college and move out of the house during my high school years. I can't imagine what it would have been like to have my own room as a child, other than a bit frightening! I was one of those kids who needed a nightlight in addition to my older sisters' protection because of all the "scary" things that come out at night. Of course, having my own room during my adolescence was great, and I was aware that my older sisters never got that luxury because of me! The 2 boys always shared a room.

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8/30/09 12:51 PM

A few ppl. asked about our couch--it is from Ikea (Tylosand, I think), and the paint color in the bedroom is called Barleycorn, which doesn't tell you much! (Can't remember the name of the blue trim). It is pretty bright in person, and yes, a black cat like our Olive does contrast with it well!

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8/30/09 12:41 PM

Gorgeous home! Digging the art (Vasarely poster!), your amazing Danish furniture, and your roommate--er cat. So jealous of you West coast mid-century modern fans--you have a much bigger inventory to peruse than we do back east. Thanks for sharing your place.

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8/3/09 01:50 PM

Hello, Paula and Brian here. We are so moved by all of your wonderfully upbeat, encouraging comments! We'll try to answer some of your questions, but as we did the reno little by little over the past 4 years, we may have forgotten some specifics. So, here goes:
1. We did not replace the foam on the kitchen chairs...yet.
2. Our bedroom rug is from Crate & Barrel.
3. The kitchen counters are Corian, color is cobalt.
4. The bathroom light over the medicine cab. is a ceiling mounted light from Ikea that we chose to wall mount. It sort of looks like a large breath mint!
5. The medicine cab. is from Home Depot, that's all we can remember, sorry.
6. The white cat next to the toilet holds the toilet brush. It was a wedding present bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
7. Paint colors: All are Benjamin Moore. Our bathroom is actually a lot more green than yellow (it is called limelight),but for some reason, it looks yellow in the tour. We can't recall the exact name of the kitchen wall color, but the dressing/guest room is called tickled pink. The hallway is pigeon gray.
8. To imcaffeine: don't be intimidated by the art scene! It is a buyer's market out there. The Anuszkiewicz is from the Barbara Krakow Gallery in Boston. Go there and ask for Andrew.
9. The circular gray rugs are nailed to the floor with carpet nails so nobody ever slips ;-)
Again, thank you for the positive feedback!

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7/29/09 08:31 PM