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You F@#king Rock !!! anyone who doubts this house is really lived in, it is. My sister is a compulsive cleaner. Her place in Santa monica looked this put together and clutter free all the time. i pray for her when she has kids, i have 3 and the living room stays organized for about 10min on a good day!! Gretchen you are an amazing talent! You taught yourself! You have a 450 sq ft apt, Does anyone of these bloggers know how crazy small that is. Some of these other places in the top 5 are like 1,000sq ft and up, I mean come on give a girl something to work with, but girl your so good you don't need alot. Can't wait to come visit and see you the apt. and the view! Yeah one more thing! My sister has amazing skill and taste. Shes a designer not a f@#king english major, who gives a rats ass about the way her blog was written . If you really want to have fun critic mine. Love ya sis Heidi

Apartment Therapy New York | Steven Gretchen's Airy Studio House Call
7/28/09 11:55 PM