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That couch is MAGNIFICENT! I'm intensely jealous - of both the couch AND the price!
I'm chiming in with the yellow/gold and burnt orange pillows and accents walls posters. But I'm getting more of a 70's feel. I'm thinking some warm leather chairs to go with it for that sleek 70's vibe to take the edge off the too granny feel.
And please please share the finished look. Can't wait to see which way you go.

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7/2/13 09:08 AM

How about keeping it simple - paint the walls a more contemporary color, maybe a tile backsplash, and new counter tops in a light (white? color to help the appliances blend in. Maybe take the doors off the upper cabinets and paint he interior white to keep that blending in thing going.

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6/17/13 02:22 PM

Anna - Depending on the breed of hen, you can get an average of 1 egg/day/hen in the summer. Winter laying cuts back to about 1/2 to 1/3 of that. Naturally, it always depends on the hen, age, conditions...bla bla bla. I have 4 ameraucanas, 2 black australorp and 3 cuckoo marans, and we have plenty of eggs to give to friends. CAn't keep up with them!

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4/17/13 03:35 PM

I used to have a similar problem in Colorado. I took sheets of foam insulation (the pink or blue kind with foil backing on one side), cut them to the exact dimensions of the window, cut a slit vertically the full length of the panel through the non-foil side and the foam - NOT the foil. Now they will fold like bi-fold install them, keep folded as you insert in the opening, then push flat - they'll stay in place and be fairly well sealed. To remove, pull the panels folded again and out they come. You can put tape or ribbon "handles on the inside surface, so you can pull them out. Not pretty, but it did help. If you wanted to get fancy, you could probably cover the non foil surface with fabric of paper to make them a little more pleasing to the eye, and diminish the black-out/construction site appearance.

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3/13/13 08:41 AM

Cheap? If you can't paint the cabinets, cover some foam-core with a nice yellow and white paper or fabric, and use double sided tape to fit into the insets in the cabinet doors. Another option is to take cabinet doors off and paint or line the interiors with yellow and white paper.
You could also wither tile the back splash area, or continue with the foam-core trick.
Spray paint those matchstick blinds with white paint, or stencil a design on them. That might hold you for a bit.
If you can fit the table in the other room, maybe the fridge would be better where it used to be, with a table where it currently is to extend workspace and storage.

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7/28/09 10:30 AM