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I found this hilarious, and an important lesson I prefer to not learn firsthand! On a somewhat related incident I ended up with semi-rug burn on my knees and ankles from weeks of crawling around my living room cutting fabric for a sewing project (it was the biggest flat workspace I could find). Super uncomfortable, and RIGHT before my wedding (the project was for wedding decorations)... so not the best look on your special day. Just something to think about!

Did My Parent's PolyCotton Sheets Give My Boyfriend Scars? Good Questions
8/19/13 08:19 PM

If it makes you feel any better, I think my foyer/entryway is darker than yours...! I LOVE the colorblock, and am surprised because I thought I would have recommended bright white + art. Maybe colorblock (with top/ceiling being a happy color pulled from the rug?! Peachy coral?!) + big mirror to reflect what light you have (with added bonus of final no-lipstick-on-teeth check as you're walking out the door!) Practical and beautiful! Good luck, and share the final results, would love to see how it goes!

Windowless Foyer: The Darker the Better? Good Questions
8/19/13 08:06 PM

I just re-read your previous post, and it sounds like there are some positive attributes to this house (all being outside of the house... but still).
I personally have paid less for the hideous, dingy, moldy apartment... but I have also paid more for the big apartment in the convenient location. And I have been both happy and stressed in both! I think I would go with the cheaper location for the short-term and save for something awesome. Unless you have already found that something awesome and its at a reasonable price too?!
And if you're really concerned about being able to entertain in your weird house, it sounds like you have 2000 acres of primo outdoor entertaining available! Good luck!

How Much Are You Willing To Pay To Live Somewhere You Like?
8/19/13 07:37 PM