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Wow - I'm sorry. The work looked so similar to that of Sarah Ishii's. If you do a google image search, you'll know what I mean. Glad others helped to pin down the correct artist and good luck with the purchase!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Name of This Watercolor Artist? Good Questions
9/22/09 10:13 PM

The artist's name is Sarah Ishii. I was in a show with her in Dallas! Wow, small world, huh?

Apartment Therapy Boston | Name of This Watercolor Artist? Good Questions
9/22/09 06:25 PM

One thing that's really helped me is going through the mail everyday and dealing with it as soon as I get it. I learned this trick from that anti-clutter guru on Oprah. All of the ads, junk and unwanted catalogues are immediately torn in half and put in the recycling bin. I check all of the bills to make sure there is nothing *weird* about them (false charges, etc. - there never has been) and put a check mark on the outside of the envelop and stick it in a hidden box where I keep receipts for tax purposes. If there are any important documents that I need to keep, those documents go into a particular, attractive box. And that's it. Done. I don't have to write any checks because they are automatically paid electronically. I don't deal with complicated filing systems. Any cards are added to our "string of cards" that is actually incorporated into our decor. I HATE piles of clutter and paper. With this easy system that takes no more than five minutes per day, I don't have any piles. Good luck to all! I am anti-clutter and anti-ugly things as well. It makes me feel depressed.

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7/26/09 02:15 PM