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Hi smuckleness!

I just made the Iron and Wine prints available for purchase here: It will be an honor to hang out with you in your living room!


Concert Posters: Cool Art from Sasquatch! Festival
5/24/11 09:48 AM

Northwest Represent!

PS, Seattle Show Posters are GORGEOUS in person.

I Heart You: Designs From Seattle Show Posters | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/2/10 12:50 PM

Wow! How cool - Cruising through AT to see what I missed over the last month and I see my bed, the very one I am sitting on now!

The plywood DID warp, which I remedied by taking the original two boards and cutting them in half then nailing each piece onto their own legs, essentially creating 4 little "tables" that nest around the Lack shelf. This has prevented further warping so far, and added additional reinforcement to the overall structure.

The mirror was a CL score - $10! I just spray painted the original gold plastic frame ivory.

The mattress is queen size, which fits perfectly into the alcove with a 3" gap by the wall, allowing that pesky mirror an escape hatch if it were ever to decide to leap off the wall to kill me in my sleep.

Please click my name to send an email if you are interested in the structural dimensions.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To: Make a Captain's Bed on the Cheap
1/3/09 06:10 AM

The comforter cover is DKNY "Pure Snow" - Picked it up on eBay for $25!

How to: Make a Captain's Bed on the Cheap
4/23/07 10:05 PM