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I like!

James' NYC Style in Seattle House Call
8/29/12 07:03 PM

I love the ideas. Thx! I have a few of these integrated into my decor (indoor & out). Will be looking for tool boxes and muffin tins!

Quirky Planters for Your Fall Garden
8/6/12 08:18 PM

love the car! thx!

Reuse the Roll: Toilet Paper Crafts What To Do This Weekend
8/3/12 09:06 PM

Oh how pretty. Thanks for sharing AT!

New Construction with Old American Charm Garden & Gun
7/25/12 08:08 PM

He has some neat stuff, and some of the areas look styled quite nicely. But I'm confused others just look like messy storage areas. Was the collection of furniture stacked for future use or is it just a collection "displayed." The most confusing was the photo of the stuff to the left of the bikes, was it a before pic for organizing to come, because I was kinda enjoying thinking about organizing it with mostly upcycled materials.... :)

Andy's Nerd Cave Studio Tour
7/22/12 04:07 AM


Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/25/12 01:14 PM

Nothing bothers me too much anyone. I find we can always change our attitudes....especially something like the way someone else lives.

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/25/12 01:14 PM

I would have loved this as a kid!

Taming the LEGO Beast: Portable Tray that's my letter
6/11/12 12:35 AM

@BEE FOR BRIAN So so true!

Thanks everyone for the tips, good stuff!

5 in 15: Five Spring Cleaning Chores To Conquer in Fifteen Minutes
5/8/12 04:44 PM

We have robins and squirrels and no rose bushes, do you think that would be a problem?

How To Make a Ladybug Feeder & Attract Them to Your Garden
4/27/12 04:59 PM

My small space has a diagonal sofa too, sometimes it just works better with the wall space available. :)

Great space!

Sarah & Max's Coffee Cup Rule Small Cool Contest
4/26/12 05:44 PM

@Rachel C Brooklyn you are hilarious, I love your comment!!

Taming the Beast: Storing (and Purging) Linens & Towels
4/23/12 02:38 AM

The light in the corner is probably on this time. :)

Before & After: Drab Basement to Airy Playroom Professional Project by Frances Herrera
4/20/12 09:24 PM

LOL, the shades are fun! It sure brought the AT snobs out...not that it takes much.

Before & After: Mismatched Thrift Store Lamps Get a Hip New LookVintage Revivals
3/24/12 10:17 PM

Yep reading nook or sideboard! Great little corner!

What To Do with Extra Corner of Dining Room?
Good Questions

3/24/12 03:56 PM

I want to know about the tv too!

As Seen on TV-O-Rama: 10 Weird, Wacky & Possibly Wonderful Products Home & Housewares 2012
3/21/12 11:42 AM

yes, rearrange the furniture. :)

Kathryn's Dilemma: Solutions for Tying It All Together
11/14/11 03:33 AM

I'm going to pin some of these...hehe...the circle is complete.

Why Didn't I Think of That? 10 DIY Ideas from Pinterest
11/12/11 11:22 PM

It's posted in Ohdeedoh, hehe. It's for a kiddo. :)

Before & After: Wicker Chair Made Pretty
Sweet Magnolia Way

11/12/11 03:27 AM

Neat! I saved that first photo years ago and now I have a source! thx :)

On Screen Printing: Sara Selepouchin of Girls Can Tell

11/5/11 03:25 AM