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Being Chinese, I learn by the fact that yes, it's pretty much an Asian thing. But that doesn't make it seem it's though we don't wash our feet or that we're filthy.

For homeowners
Step 1: Take off your shoes by the door.
Step 2: Wash your feet / best of all SHOWER.
Step 3: Enjoy the home with clean floor.

As guests
Step 1: Be polite enough to ask whether to take off shoes or not.
Step 2: Wash if you feel uncomfortable, OR if you do know your feet reeks.
Step 3: Enjoy your friend's home!

Yes and I agree, have indoor shoes for those homeowners who doesn't practice barefoot policy.

What I still don't get is why shoes indoors? Dirt everywhere, tonnes to clean, scars and markings on floors (wood and marble alike), feet doesn't even take a breather. Why make things so difficult for home-living and yourself? And worst of all, shoes in the bedrooms (on beds/sofas even, ugh!). THAT FRACKING blows me away.

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10/28/09 06:48 AM

I'll prolly make it as a kitty home cos its more chic-looking than a stinky ol' wine-pee box!

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9/16/09 05:30 AM

thank gawd for this! now the ikea parts I have sitting in storage will not be wasted after all after the renovation :)

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9/11/09 03:04 AM

Heart the 3rd pix!

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9/11/09 03:01 AM

Love the look of the furniture! It reminds me of some pieces I have customised from Wodd Design (http://www.wodd.com.sg/main.html).

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9/11/09 03:00 AM

that's almost too fracking cool to cover up eh?! Please show us the after, after you've saved it :)

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7/24/09 02:51 AM

Check this one out in Singapore too :) http://thehanselblog.blogspot.com/2009/06/hansel-pop-up-shop.html

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7/24/09 12:06 AM