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Ha!! I love Lisa Frank!

These are not our "serious" reading books, these are coffee table, art book, etc that are meant to be looked at, not necessarily read (there I said it.) This is only a handful of our collection, the most colorful and visually appealing.

In terms of rainbows - I'm for 'em. It adds a bit of visual interest to an otherwise utilitarian Ikea bookcase. It is fascinating to read everyone's comments about ROYGBIV. I had no idea it was so debatable :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Creating Order: ROYGBIV
9/1/09 12:32 PM

Thank you Bittergaymark. I had the glass cut custom, it is 3/8 in. thick with a pencil polish edge. The dimensions are 30 in x 62.5 in, so it is on the large side. I paid $127 total. I highly recommend Dean at 55 Glass downtown. Here's a link:

I picked mine up to save on delivery charges, but they will deliver too. I had called many places that were quoting me between $250-$350. You can get stock glass for much less, but if you need a weird size, 55 Glass is the way to go. Quite the endorsement I've just given them, I know...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Flickr Find: Liz's Door Table
7/25/09 01:28 AM

Thanks so much for the shout out Beth! This is a great write up. Zipper and I thank you all for your kind comments.

Lella - the bowl is Jonathan Adler, see it here:

You can also buy it at his boutique on Melrose.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Flickr Find: Liz's Door Table
7/23/09 11:09 PM