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I really love the way the apt is set up. I think at first the bed might seem odd in the middle of the space but i think it's a very cleaver way of placement that the average person might not be so cleaver to come up with. AND if you ARE so lucky to have an amazing view of the New York Skyline then I say enjoy it to the max, whatever way the bed is placed is better then having to look onto another apartment or a brick wall like so many New Yorkers have to. I also love the mix of color and I say power to Ikea!!!! In this day and age the majority of shopping is done online and if you have an eye and can pull out the more unique items and mix and match them together to make it your own style it's really great!!! Besides if you live in the city then you have a better understanding that you probably won't be living there forever and in that case wont be taking your items with you when you go. So who really needs to invest in costly furniture. I love what they did with the grey walls and think it goes very nicely with that city feel. Like another post before mine it the entire space seems spacious and efficient.

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