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Ok, why the heck isn't Notebook listed here? It's a totally awesome note taking app (and I actually have a sneaking suspicion that Microsoft's onenote is actually a rip off of Notebook, but that's a knee jerk reaction so it may be totally wrong). It's by Circus Ponies and can be purchased and downloaded online and when I first got it there was even a decent free trial period. I've also heard about a version for the iPad, but I don't have one so no comment on that from me other than its existance.

A Few More Alternatives to OneNote in OS X
2/9/11 11:48 AM

I absolutely love the postal box bar (at least I'm pretty sure that's what it is in between the two chairs in the first picture). It looks amazing. I'd love to get some advice on how to acquire the post boxes and what you did, if anything, to convert them.

Kevin's Creative Commorancy House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
4/15/10 01:02 PM

Just because the materials are recycled doesn't mean they are free. Recycled materials actually move on a commodity's market behind the scenes. Even if you pretend that there are no middle men involved someone still has to pay the people who collect the recyclables and process them, not to mention the facilities needed to do the processing. In some ways recycled materials can cost more to process than virgin materials. If you make something out of your own discarded coke bottles, you might consider it a no cost project, but if you think about it even then, you (or someone else) paid for the bottle, you didn't get it for free.

Emeco's 111 Navy Chair: Made From Plastic Coca-Cola Bottles | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/13/10 12:08 PM

The copious use of white in the converted churches and chapels just bothers me. These spaces are meant to exude warmth and mystery. Painting them all white and then leaving in the stained glass just makes both elements look out of place. I think that a church conversion could work, but it requires particularly gentle handling. These church-house conversions just don't seem to respect the original. The whole point of them seems to be about being able to say oh look at our rib vaulted ceiling.

Unusual Lofts: The Architecture of Converted Spaces | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/7/10 10:46 PM

The last one looks kind of tacky to me, and I partially agree with thorndale on number 2. The mirrors in the second photo do give a cluttered effect in several places. A mirrored backsplash requires a very carefully curated countertop.

The mirror by the dining table just seems inappropriate. In most restaurants I can think of that use mirrors they have an entire wall, which creates an illusion of space, not an identifiable single mirror which, as le_sacre says, seems a bit narcissistic.

The tiled mirrors for a window just don't seem to quite pull of what they are supposed to imitate. It's interesting to look at, but it doesn't get the effect that the text says the method is going for.

The collection of red framed mirrors, the mirrored upper cabinets, and the layered mirror bathroom seem to me the best uses in this whole round up, although like ckhoover I wish there wasn't the confusion around which photo goes with which chunk of text. One and two match up but then there's some sort of disconnect and there seem to be two photos for tip 3 and none for tip 6. The photographers did an amazing job of staying out of the pics. I wonder if photoshop was used in any of them (particularly the second photo).

10 Ways To Use Mirrors To Make Your Space Look Larger | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/6/10 01:04 AM

Oops! I feel like such an idiot. They're talking about apartment-dom (I read the last part as dorm for some reason, narcissistic much) So scratch my previous comment, although dorm bathrooms do have some of the most hideous tile choices known to man.

Working with Oddly-Colored Tile in Bathrooms Roundup | Apartment Therapy New York
4/1/10 12:57 PM

"let's review one of the most common issues in all of apartment-dom: working with oddly-colored tile in bathrooms"

Umm... as a recent dorm dweller and current apartment-dorm (as in apartment style complex run by the campus housing department), I've got to say: how the heck do you expect actual dorm or apartment-dorm dwellers to get away with most of this stuff? When I lived in an actual dorm there was no way we could get away with painting or in any way altering the space. Heck we couldn't even really hang things up since we had to use sticky tack or tape. The apartment-dorm is a bit looser since we are allowed to paint as long as we revert back to the original paint job before we move out, but that raises the question: what dorm or apartment-dorm dweller has time to do stuff like this? At the longest you're going to be living somewhere for four years. The investment is hardly worth it.

Working with Oddly-Colored Tile in Bathrooms Roundup | Apartment Therapy New York
4/1/10 12:55 PM

In what way is the custom framing? It's matting and putting it in a standard frame. Looking at the pictures I suspected that this would be the solution, but I held out hope that it would be about building your own frame or some more diy type thing.

How To "Custom" Frame Odd Sized Images Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/16/10 06:13 PM

"you can make your own by plying — take many different yarns and hold them together as it they were one, cast on and knit carefully."

Um... that's not plying. Actual plying requires a bit of spinning. Ever notice how most yarns have at least two distinct bits wrapping around each other, that's an example of plying. Yarns are slightly over twisted held together and allowed to wrap themselves around each other.

How To: Make Your Own Knitted Pouf | Apartment Therapy New York
2/16/10 09:08 AM

Flower's will also generally 'drink' the colored liquid and their petals will turn colors as a result. The tulip in the green vase is already showing some signs of coloring. The process can be a bit unpredictable, so if you just want colored water and white flowers, hold off on putting in the coloring, if you want colored flowers best to do it a bit ahead of time to get the color to show more.

Look! Olympics Inspired Centerpiece Tara and Thyme | Apartment Therapy DC
2/12/10 10:46 PM

A lot of people seem to be saying that they love the fact that their money is going directly to the artist and not to a big company. I hate to burst the bubble, but you have to pay to list items on etsy (only about 10 cents from what I've heard) and etsy does take a commission. Etsy itself is a business and seeks to make money.

Can Etsy Save the Economy?Blogging Wired Magazine | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
12/18/09 03:30 PM

If the towels are still usable (it was mentioned that some things simply don't make it into the rotation) It would be possible to make a nice terry cloth robe out of them.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Top Ten: Ways to Recycle Your Old Towels and Sheets Most Popular Posts
8/14/09 09:44 PM