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Bring in more green accessories into the room...some green pillows on the sofa or a runner for the table. I would also try to decrease the number of shelves in the unit around the fireplace. I see five rows of shelves on the inner unit, can you take one row out so it doesn't seem so cluttered? Don't know if I'm explaining it right??? I actually like how you laid everything out on the shelving unit you see when you enter your home. Try to recreate that here.

I know you're very hesitant on moving the tv to the opposite wall, but since it's actually pretty low to the floor, it might not be very noticable when you walk into the room, as long as you make sure to highlight other areas. The huge black/white print you have would look great on the bare wall. Could you find similar prints to create a collage of some sort on that wall?

That mirror looks very awkward above the fireplace. Could you replace it with a round one and use this mirror in another section of the house? If not, I would place the artwork you have behind the sofa above the mantle. I think the colors in the artwork would really make the green accessories on the shelves "pop".

I love that shaggy white rug you have underneath your orange leather couch...I think it would look great underneath your dining table if you ever want to change it up a bit.

Don't be afraid to move things around! Good luck.

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