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I have contact allergic dermatitis, so have some idea what to expect with rashes.

Contact allergic dermatitis is usually white and flaky. It happens wherever you touch the things your allergic to. I am allergic to detergents, and tend to get it on my hands (dishwashing) or in the shape of a shirt (too much detergent in the laundry). I switched to hypoallergenic soaps a few years back and it largely solved the problem.

The picture does NOT look like contact allergic dermatitis. It looks bruised, not white and flaky. Did he hit hit knee on anything?

FYI - if he was allergic to the sheets, he would have the rash everywhere he touched the sheets, likely over his whole body.

Take him to a dermatologist (a doctor that specializes in rashes). He will likely get prescribed some cream or ointment to put on it.

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