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It has been a while since anyone has posted here but I am hoping to answer a lot of the questions posed above mine! Magnetic Paint does work and can be quite strong when applied correctly. Depending on the amount of sq ft being painted, you will need to use the entire contents of the purchased cans of paint. If you do not use the whole can, you are not getting ALL of the magnetic particles onto the wall.

Using the magnetic primer is always a great idea because you can paint over it with any color or brand paint. Once applied, some colors (primarily reds and yellows) may need extra coats to cover up the slate-like appearance of the primer. The magnetic primer turns your wall into a magnetic surface where magnets can be used to decorate or hold things up!

If you are looking to make a Magnetic Chalkboard wall, you can use either Magnetic Chalkboard Paint or Tintable Chalkboard Paint over Magnetic Primer. The Tintable Chalkboard Paint allows you to make the chalkboard any color you would like. Some people have complained in the past about not having a smooth surface to write on but with the proper technique the optimal finish can be accomplished.

For those of you out there that are looking for an easier solution to create chalkboard surfaces around the workplace, kitchen, or child's room, you can use Magnetic Peel & Stick Chalkboard which is currently available in 4 colors (Rose, Green, Blue, and Purple). Three additional colors will be available at the end of the summer (black, yellow and red).

Check out their site at

Apartment Therapy New York | Look! Chalkboard Paint on a Kitchen Wall
7/28/09 04:42 PM