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Ive been using the ScoopFree system which incorporates the Fresh Step crystals -- absorbs urine and the box rakes the poop away). A wonderful combo! (if you aren't familiar with the product)

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7/21/09 10:57 PM

unless they design something that places my cat on a perch which rests directly between myself and the computer screen, I can guarantee that my cat wont be interested.

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7/21/09 12:29 PM

Well, its not the ONLY civilized alternative! (thats a lofty claim if ive ever heard one... :D)

I use ScoopFree, which is another self-cleaning box. No risk of contributing to toxoplasmosis as you just toss the trays at the end of use (no flushing/water involved, thus no contamination). Cant think of anything easier... or less smelly... than our wonderful box! I just got on their litter subscription service, so they'll ship my litter to me and charge my card - i literally dont have to do a thing (well, besides putting in a new tray. which is small potatoes.)

the website is (if you wanna see it in action). And their number is 888.726.MEOW (6369) - if you call to order your subscription trays like i just did, you will get a few extra perks that arent on their website yet (like free shipping and money off your first order).

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7/21/09 12:07 PM

Has anyone else here become a ScoopFree loyalist? - its another automatic litterbox self-cleaner. with our place rounding out at about 850sq ft, smell was a concern of ours too. but with scoopfree, it cleans the solids into a compartment and uses crystal litter that absorbs urine. Perfecto! And now that I am on their litter subscription service (where i get my litter shipped right to me without me having to experience the "oh-no-im-out-of-litter" moment) - I am all set! Yay for no more litter lugging!

(BTW, just found out that they eliminated shipping costs for their subscription service members and will take off up to $20 on the first order .... so it is worth giving a call 888.726.MEOW (6369)

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7/21/09 11:43 AM

We use the crystal litter as well. Started using it when we purchased our ScoopFree box -- was told that the box would help with odor (and between the crystals absorbing the urine and the box self-cleaning with a rake, we agree. Which is good, considering how small our apartment is - I cant afford odor with a litterbox that sits in the dining room.)

regarding tracking litter - we have a scoopfree mat that lies just outside the box, so the little bit of crystal litter that the cats track ends up landing in the mat for the most part (minus the occasional odd crystal here or there).

So, throw me in the camp of crystal litter users. Once you go crystal, you never go back. ;) And ScoopFree has a subscription service for their crystal litter trays, so I dont have to go to the store for it anymore! -- but if you want some special deals on their subscription service right now (like, free shipping and $10 or $20 off your first purchase), you have to call in 888.726.MEOW (6369) -- dont worry, they told me that they plan on making these perks avail on the website by the end of the week, too.

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7/21/09 11:00 AM