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AustinSarah: Enjoying the aesthetic of an earlier era does not amount to endorsing the circumstances which gave rise to that aesthetic or celebrating the beliefs and actions which attended it. One thing of particular beauty in an era with many ugly realities was a sense, at least among those fortunate to be educated, that curiosity was worthwhile. Exploration was a worthy activity; experimentation was to be encouraged, and disciplinary boundaries were unknown. The aesthetic that arose from those ideals, the curatorial approach to home decor, is a fun look that evokes adventure and discovery.

Those two kids love modern science; trust me.

Everyone who said you can't get a sense of the place from the pix:

You are right. It is a tiny place with weird narrow angles; there does not appear to be a way photograph it that portrays a sense of the space (as opposed to just the decor. I tried myself.). The apartment is in a large Brooklyn complex built around the turn of the century for refinery workers. It has a very narrow hallway, long in proportion to its width, running alongside a small bedroom and sitting room and ending in the kitchen.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Michelle Dylan's Curiousity Filled Apartment New York
7/21/09 01:39 AM