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Pink and grey would be fabulous, and so authentically mid-century - and yes get rid of the vertical blind in favor of a fabric blind that picks up on the dark border tile. Maybe you can even keep the cabinets white if you have enough wall for the grey paint. Did you see the craftsman kitchen here earlier this week, with gray walls, and creamy cabinets with a pink interior? I think you just have to enjoy the pink and have fun with it.

Kitchen Makeover: Anna's Troublesome (Or Not) Pink Tile My Kitchen Needs a Makeover! | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
11/13/09 09:35 PM

You don't have to waste the tops, either - have you tried Tuscan carrot top soup?

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10/27/09 01:04 PM

Hi - I do have a "home office" space, but because the view is basically a fence, I find I work at my kitchen table nearly all the time instead. I just move everything to one end when we have a sit-down family dinner (and back into my office if we are entertaining). I took a couple of pictures the other day when I was thinking how lucky I am to be in the Bay Area:
I love to see all the different workspaces - thanks!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Working at the Window
10/10/09 05:12 PM

Great post, thank you. I love white kitchens, love your pictures here, and I'm looking forward the the rest of your posts. I don't think white in the kitchen is harder to look after than any other color - it's the finish and/or material that makes the difference. A dark glossy surface shows up finger prints much more than a white glossy surface, don't you think?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | White Kitchens: The Absence of Color Guest Post from Susan Serra of The Kitchen Designer
10/7/09 05:07 PM

It's cheery and sort of nautical - a bit like "dressing the ship" for the captain's birthday. But I always understood it was wrong to keep the ship dressed after sunset. I say keep it for special occasions.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Color Splash: Decorating with Bunting
10/5/09 06:06 PM

French Door style with freezer on the bottom is good for a lot of people. Though, with French Door and Side-by-Side, you always have to dance around the door to get to adjacent counter, so if you can put the refer at the end of a run, a single door is more convenient, usually. Or then again you can plan to have the landing space opposite - like an island.
I'd try to avoid freezer-on-top - doesn't make sense to me. Cold air falls, so a drawer at the bottom is much more efficient.

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10/2/09 04:27 PM

I think your own"Orange like a Clementine" kitchen gallery has some great inspiration for this space - especially this one
Maybe a softer orange would be easier to live with - I posted a few at

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8/17/09 11:44 PM

Nice job of the painting, I hope it lasts until they can afford a real remodel (can you believe how the kitchen was designed with so little work surface next to the cooktop). If you check out this link you can see a brand new retro style kitchen from Kvanum that is very much in this style - although I'm sure it cost more than $30

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | The $30 Kitchen Makeover Sunset
8/11/09 06:45 PM

Fantastic, I hope this idea gets off the ground, so much better than the RVs towing cars that seem to be all over CA in July. Check out this amazing tent that you could use as a guest room:-

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Solar Hybrid VW Westfalia Camper by Alexandre Verdier
7/28/09 08:54 PM

I'm for hanging the lamps from the ceiling, and an abstract painting rather than a mirror over the fireplace.

When I lived in student dorms we would pin wallpaper to the walls, even better you could make simple frames out of battens, cover them with fabric, and attach those to cover the wood panels. I'm a big fan of industrial strength velcro, but by the beach in SC the damp atmosphere can unstick it ...
Or, as others have said, get a big rug and lots of art, either refined cream/white/grey with driftwood/shell type accents, or bright colors, with more funky, beachy stuff, and leave the walls alone.
Have fun with it!

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7/24/09 05:57 PM