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Yes! Yes! YESSSSSS!!!!!

Before & After: A Rescued Rocker Gets Brightened Up
8/18/11 08:09 PM

Imperfection rules! These are lovely. I especially like the creamy-white ones.

Handmade Ceramic Pots by Esther Pottery
8/18/11 08:07 PM

@ arroyo:
Well, AT says to "email your question w/pic attachments... those w/pics get answered first."

So, why would one assume that this is NOT a pic of the apt. in question?

How To Redecorate without Offending Roommate?
Good Questions

8/18/11 08:05 PM

Oh, that little metal IKEA table! I bought a red one years ago, when they came in cool colors (now only white, alas, according to the website) and it has travelled the world with us, serving in kitchens, front porches ... They used to make a 2-tiered plant stand along the same lines/material... sadly discontinued. Anyway, at 20 bucks the table is a steal.

Dorm Style: Modern Feminine
8/17/11 09:27 AM

"We think the world can be split into two groups..."

Reminds me of a Tom Robbins quote. Something like: "There are two kinds of people in the world: those who think there are two kinds of people in the world, and those who are smart enough to know better."

Apropos of nothing: that's a cute little house.

Have Your Parents Moved?
8/17/11 09:17 AM

This poster has long been known for his apparent 'less is more' philosophy when "writing" posts.

Kottke on Navigating IKEA
8/12/11 07:50 AM

Liking those metal (?) grates leaning in some of the windows, and also the porch. The wall-lessness, however, would drive me crazy.

Michael's Masculine & Modern Open Studio
House Tour

8/12/11 07:46 AM

The colors, the undulating banner hung from the hall ceiling, the whole wabi-sabi-ness of it all. Love. Love, love, love.

Sabrina Ward Harrison's Creative Space in Silver Lake
House Tour

8/11/11 03:46 PM

For reasons known only to the poster, the 'before' picture was chosen to represent what was originally in the poster's apt.

Whether that was the actual switchcover or not is irrelevant. It is still valid for people to say which one they prefer, between the two images offered.

Insta-Upgrade: Switch the Light Switch
8/7/11 08:47 PM

1. When you are carrying drinks on a tray, look straight ahead -- NOT at the drinks on the tray.

2. When you are chopping onions, place the cutting board on an UNLIT gas burner in front of a LIT (on low) gas burner. The back burner will burn off the fumes and you will not get watery eyes.

3. Use "it's" only when you can substitute "it is" or "it has." Otherwise, use "its" (w/out the apostrophe. There are no exceptions to this rule.

30 Things Readers Wish They Would Have Known
8/7/11 08:36 PM

I'm w/gypsymomma. The 'before' has a nice retro vibe.

Insta-Upgrade: Switch the Light Switch
8/5/11 11:49 AM

Love this!

A Temporary Welcome Mat
Suitably Cool

8/3/11 09:14 AM

I think my favorite element just might be the one that doesn't yet exist... Meredith, please build that tree house you envision, and then post to AT!!!

Meredith's Historic Farmhouse Dream
House Tour

7/29/11 03:06 PM

Loving kbizzle's typewriter idea!!!

Add a Guest Book to Your Home
7/29/11 02:47 PM

I admire your plants and your finials and your ceramics and your artwork. But, most of all, I admire your bravery for having a full-length mirror in the bathroom! :-)

Oh, and that Paul Klee print -- my parents had that same one, in the house where I grew up in the 1950's.

Trace & Lisa's Eclectic Living on Capitol Hill
House Tour

7/29/11 02:37 PM

I believe the French say that it is better to have bad taste than no taste at all.

Style Icon: Diana Vreeland
American Style

7/27/11 08:28 PM


Quirky "Unfinished" Paint Jobs
7/27/11 08:26 PM

Wrap it in twine and put a bird (or two) on it!

Great Idea: Wrap It in Twine
7/27/11 09:44 AM

I applaud his philosophy and his panache!

Bold Color Choice: Antonio Ballatore's Hot Pink Kitchen Wall
7/26/11 08:54 AM

I really like the After!!!

Before & After: A Buffet Goes from Old to Bold
Mabel's House

7/21/11 08:45 AM