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how is that done?!?!

One Great Idea: Countryside Imagery on Vintage Chairs
7/15/11 06:39 PM

BEWARE. Much of their stuff is now made in CHINA. Even though the leather might be from Italy or the wood from the USA. They are assembled in CHINA. I bought a Lancaster sofa from them. It was a nightmare experience. The first one we received bottomed out and made a huge thump when you sat on it. They called a furniture insurance guy to come out and assess the damage. He told me that in LA alone he had looked at 3 other RH couches in the last week, all which frames were so poorly assembled that he could only suggest they replace it. So they did and the new one seems fine so far, but what the heck!?! They clearly have a quality problem. 4 couches in 1 week in only a few zip codes?!?! I find it so irresponsible to charge the prices they are charging for stuff that is made so poorly. Their stuff USED to be made in the USA. Most of it is not anymore and based on my conversations with the 7 customer service people I had to talk to in order to resolve my issue...they know it too.

Florid Language: Restoration Hardware's New Catalog
3/30/11 01:14 PM

This place is so crazy overpriced. You will find comparable stuff and WAY better deals at the Pasadena swap meet. I bought a decorative Army piece for $2 at the Fairfax flea market. This place was charging $20 for the exact same thing. They also charge about 7 to 12 times more for globes than I have found for BETTER globes at the Pasadena swap meet.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | TINI Store
11/4/09 07:38 PM

You can get nearly identical bell jars at Bargain Fair on Fairfax & Beverly for about 12 bucks. And you can get that globe for cheaper on the Sundance site.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Science Inspired Home Accessories
10/27/09 07:23 PM

Phenomenal, but $4,000 for a print. Eak!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Plans For Famous Celebrity Homes The Gallery: Mark Bennett
10/27/09 06:24 PM

Definitely the Quinn. I own 2. Very comfortable.

Apartment Therapy DC | Chairs from the Today Show? Good Questions
10/8/09 08:03 PM

Anyone know where in LA I can get the guitar hooks shown in the first pic?

Apartment Therapy DC | Flickr Finds: Color Edition
10/5/09 07:49 PM

Anyone know where in LA I can get the guitar hook shown in the first pic?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Display Ideas For the Music Lover
10/5/09 07:49 PM

Saw a very similar one at Room Service on 3rd just West of La Brea.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Sources for a Similar Stool?Good Questions
9/30/09 06:39 PM

I just laid mine out with the premium rug pad from pottery barn which provides decent cushion.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Any Experience with Crewel Rugs?
9/2/09 01:08 PM

anyone know from what store the paper airplane decals came from?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Danielle's Colorful and Cozy Home
8/20/09 07:39 PM

thanks briec1023!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Blogging...Design Star, Episode 1
7/21/09 06:32 PM


They were wood and were painted pink. :) Still don't know at what store they were purchased. :(

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Blogging...Design Star, Episode 1
7/20/09 07:31 PM


Can anyone tell me at what store in LA they got the wooden (I think) animal heads and birds? (or a place online to get those)?

Thank you SO much!!!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Blogging...Design Star, Episode 1
7/20/09 06:44 PM