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I think it's funny and clever. I've often tried to sit on my suitcases while waiting on line at check-in, or while waiting for a bus or train, but they've always been a tad unwieldy. I like the blending of patterns and the combination of classic sofa and classic luggage textiles. I wouldn't call it sleek (why does everything have to be sleek?), but I don't see how they're much bulkier than your average suitcases. I mean, an enormous suitcase is a bitch no matter what. At least with this, you can take a rest when you get to the top of the broken escalator.

Hot or Not? Suitcase Furniture by Erik De Nijs | Apartment Therapy New York
11/21/09 03:25 PM

There's a fantastic blog on ruralintelligence.com written by New York designer Carey Maloney. Finally a designer who acknowledges the importance of a TV in the room! He says, "A TV is the fireplace of the 21st century. If you want a room to be lived in, you better put a television in it." And he gives a list of ways to decorate around it. My favorite idea is having the Tivo, cable box, etc. in a cabinet not right under the TV. You just aim the remote at the cabinet instead of the monitor. Genius. Here's a link for more inspired ideas.


Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Working With a Massive Television?
7/23/09 06:38 PM

Because there is a lot of going on in the space already--the eye bounces around from place to place, object to object--I would cover the wall with one big painting or photograph. This would be a place to rest the eyes; some might call it a focal point. You can have digital photos blown up to monumental sizes and printed onto canvas for a fairly reasonable price. Another low-cost option would be to stretch your own canvas (or through craigslist, I'm sure you'd be able to find a starving artist who could do it for you for not too much money) and make your own painting. You could use a favorite artist as inspiration or even flat-out copy something. If you're artistically challenged, invite your most creative friends over for a painting party. Choose your palette beforehand (buy pints of house paint), and supply the paint, brushes, and nachos.

Apartment Therapy New York | Ideas Inspriation for Living Space? Good Questions
7/20/09 04:38 PM