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I want a Kreg jig so so bad.

8 Tools That'll Change The Way You DIY
7/31/14 12:37 AM

@Lyn26: We had something like this happen. Luckily, the person was a young adult who came from a very traditional culture in which hospitality is highly regarded. Now, they have some different ideas over there (advanced notice not required, stay as long as you want, hosts must do a lot to feed/entertain guests) but one thing that is exactly the same as here was that the guest must be helpful, tidy/clean, extremely polite, and not complain. We spoke to other, older, adults who knew them and shared their culture. We told stories about the new things we were learning about our cultural differences, stories which just happened to highlight eating in the bedroom and not taking the dirty dishes and empty containers back to the kitchen or trash. When the older adults had a chance to chat with our guest they switched over to their native language and let the young person know they were dragging the family/culture down, especially embarrassing since I'm an American and they don't consider Americans to know the first thing about good manners.

Maybe you could try tactical tattling as well?

Another time I simply told the guest that what they were doing hurt my feelings because in my culture what they did was extremely rude, and how could they do it after all I'd done for them.... And I turned on the water works. Not only did they stop, but they now find another place to stay. Having even more etreme emotional responses than the rude person can work too. (Also, the tears were real. Just tears of frustration rather than utter sadness.)

The Awkward Files: When (and How) to Say No to Hosting Houseguests
7/31/14 12:26 AM

@ LordGeorgie: Maybe your old fried has been reading the recent news stories of airbnb users claiming squatter's right and getting to stay rent-free in other people's homes. Better get rid of her before she establishes residency. Seriously, the fact that she hasn't yet asked you to take her anywhere or do anything is extremely suspect.

The Awkward Files: When (and How) to Say No to Hosting Houseguests
7/31/14 12:10 AM

@Cara: I do the same thing on Amazon. You can have more than one wishlist and the setting for public/private can be set for each list. So I have a public one named 'Christmas' that's presents I'd like to receive. And I have another one named 'For My Eyes Only' that is set to private. I put stuff on there for all the people I buy for and include notes as to who the intended recipient is and how I know they want it. I also put items I hear about or have recommended to me that would be good for people I don't know as well or who fit into categories - first time moms, graduates, spouse's boss, kids' teacher. The link to the item is automatically on there (which I've heard people forget to do on pinterest), if it's on Amazon the price is always current, I get Prime shipping, and it keeps track of past orders for me.

I also have a private list of things I'd like but am not sure I want to cop to yet. :)

How To Be the Best Gift-Giver Ever
7/28/14 02:45 PM

thanks for the link. I did click it and read through, I guess this could be in the northern area and it would be quite nice.
It was weird reading about the "hole in the ozone layer" above New Zealand in the clothing section. I mean, I knew about the hole but I somehow thought it was over mostly ocean and Antarctica. How awful to have to take that into consideration everyday! No wonder NZ is far ahead of us (in the States) in their lifestyle and goverment policies about the environment.

A Little New Zealand Beach House Lives Large Arch Daily
7/11/14 12:53 AM

hmm, I'm positive I read an article about this a few years ago an IKEA were distinctly unhappy about it and trying to stop people from napping in a culturally appropriate way. I guess they couldn't beat 'em so they decided to embrace it. can't say I blame them. I love my chinese relatives, but in the case of the older folks while they may be the most hospitable and generous people I know they also never change their minds or habits about anything!

Swede Dreams: Snoozing at IKEA
7/10/14 02:56 PM

if you click on the post title in black, it does mean you have to make an extra click.
but, if you click on the orange link which is always shown before the jump it will take you directly to the article.
it is weird that two links that seem to point to the same place actually don't, but there is a one-click way like you want.

A Big Bowl of Overnight Oats for Your Morning Struggle Delicious Links
7/10/14 02:45 PM

does New Zealand have very temperate winters? I thought I remembered from lord of the rings (go ahead and laugh) that it gets pretty cold there. with that wall of glass, facing the water no less, heating must be impossible or expensive.

A Little New Zealand Beach House Lives Large Arch Daily
7/10/14 02:41 PM

there's such an imbalance in the relationship between the renters and the real estate company. I'd rather see that the family (well, the adults) were treated as employees, maybe contract employees to simplify taxes for the company, and the homes treated as the family's company housing. then, when they are asked to move suddenly, it's with the understanding that they will continue their employment at another property of company housing.

on a different topic, the way the article was written immediately made me ask why losing it all hadn't helped these people get the proper perspective on "trappings of wealth". why try so hard to hang on to a past life? enjoy the new life.

Family Lives in a Showhouse, Like Living Props Design News
7/10/14 02:37 PM

what has worked for me is taking opportunities to observe the mouthy person very closely at other times when they are talking to others or engaged in activities I'm not part of. time and again I see that they don't really enjoy anything or anyone. and then the subtle but certain edging-away that everyone they talk to does after a few moments of the person's company. frankly, it helps me to be very glad I'm not that person and then I care less and less what they think. maybe it's a bit of superiority creeping in, and of course I'm not superior to anyone else, but my life and level of happiness are superior to those of people who only see and voice the negative.

Positive Ways To Deal with Other People’s Negative Opinions
(About Your Home)

7/10/14 02:29 PM

I think many of the contested changes will be good.

the window being removed for a coat closet: the closet is more useful to them and the window makes the area look unbalanced and weird being next to the door with no sign of a matching window on the other side.

the bench: right now it's backless y'all, with stair treads that will dig into your back and head, plus it looks too low for adults to be comfy sitting and chatting.

painting things white: I say go for it. Sarah's foyer may look generic to some but to me it looks peaceful rather than heavy/dark (like the homeowner's current foyer) or overly stimulating like you sometimes see when folks try to draw attention to every square centimeter of character in their house. some people need to feel relief and release as soon as they come home, maybe these folks are two such.

Inspiration for Mike & Sandie's Foyer Renovation Renovation Diary
7/10/14 02:13 PM

I'm in love with most everything Sarah Richardson does. she's the only thing I miss about satellite TV.

Inspiration for Mike & Sandie's Foyer Renovation Renovation Diary
7/10/14 02:04 PM

I also used fifty for all my wedding and reception flowers. the price was great, every bloom was perfect, and I really appreciated how they packaged the flowers in the box.

Two Seriously Surprising Resources to Save on Your Wedding
7/1/14 12:12 AM

Here's one I found out about from photographers, but it's really useful in the kitchen and all throughout the house.

Cut the wooden skewers into small sections (I like 1"). Discard the bit with the pointy end.
Get a wide rubber band. Lay it on the counter parallel to you. Lay a skewer section on the rubber band, perpendicular to you. (the skewer should be pointing away from you, the rubber band should be going across) Keep the rubber band in a long skinny oval shape.
Take one end of the rubber band and thread it inside the other end of the rubber band. Pull until the rubber band has tightened around the skewer section.
Now you can use this to close things up, hold them together, whatever. You just use the skewer section as a "toggle closure" by wrapping the loose end of the rubber band around it.

I find it's easier to use wide rubber bands this way than trying to wrap them around something the usual way.

Go Beyond Kabobs with More Uses for Your Wooden (and Metal) Skewers! Tips from The Kitchn
6/23/14 04:10 PM

Ibuprofen is best for that kind of pain. You probably have some nerve inflammation in addition to whatever you may have done to muscles and joints. Ibuprofen is best for nerve pain and helps reduce nerve inflammation. RICE + Ibuprofen is the best way to help yourself and prevent long term nerve damage. When you go to the doctor for problemsn like this and they write you a prescription for painkillers, most of the time its a massive dose of Ibuprofen. Skip the pharmacy and save some money.

How To Avoid \"Painter's Shoulder\"
6/22/14 11:52 PM

We use pinecones gathered from around the yard (or someone else's yard) to mulch around anything delicious to us or varmints. It will keep smaller animals from scratching and pooping on your berries and tomatoes too. Pinecones break down slowly, so you can use the ones squirrels have already torn up as well - they'll release their components before the nice looking prickly ones that will keep cats and dogs from using your nice soft veg garden as a litter box/napping place.

Garden Chore Calendar: May is for Mulching The Gardenist
5/17/14 02:19 AM

I'm happy to see the "spirt of 'small'" getting the respect it deserves! :) Please don't fix this typo, when you say it out loud it sounds funny and cute!

On topic, these spaces (and the table) are beautiful and so well thought out. Should we ever fall into a pile of money, I hope our preference and value of small sustainable homes doesn't change.

4th Annual Small Project Award Winners AIA Chicago
5/16/14 03:51 PM

Reminds me of the children's book _The Princess and the Peacocks_, about an actual room in one of the Smithsonian's museums.


Blue Bamboo: Chinoiserie Mural Color Therapy
5/16/14 03:43 PM

Agreed on the likelihood of staging, that said, whoever staged this home did a terrible job! The floorplan, so far as I can see, is not really a problem at all. However, the way it was filled - the way various areas were assigned certain functions - by the stagers makes it look incoherent. They should have fired the stagers, maybe their home would have sold faster.

Also, that anaglypta style ceiling in the downstairs living room/seating area is gorgeous. I love love love ceilings like that, plain or patterned.

Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos Sell SoHo Penthouse Design News
5/16/14 03:11 PM

and Konar's suggestion of bahn mi is spot on. we have a bahn mi place about 3o minutes away. It's worth it every Friday. so good!

What Are Some Tasty Sandwiches Without Cheese? Good Questions
5/13/14 09:36 AM