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That book looks kind of soggy despite the leash. I try to only read books that can get wrinkled, or run a board or caddy across the tub.

Quick Tip for Easier Bathtub Reading
5/15/13 08:26 AM

What about using one side (with the pipe) for an office and storage: a nice big desk, book shelves; and the other side as a large art gallery. Get a bright, long carpet to run between. Looks like you found a really great apartment!

Design Ideas for Making the Most of
Extra-Wide, Long Hallway? Good Questions

5/8/13 07:51 AM

These are all great! And, love the bonus suggestions in the comments. We just ripped out out kitchen ceiling (http://moorofeverything.com/meta-ceilings-and-messy-floors/)... the first step in our gut-job bathroom renovation next month. It is going to be weeks of non-stop work, so taking time for mental sanity, and remembering that we really do love each other is going to be key. Wish us luck! :)

Sweet, Simple (and Mostly Free) Ways to Treat Yourself for a Job Well Done
5/2/13 09:17 AM

Those dotty mugs are super sweet. Would love to get a new set :)

Idyll HomeStore Profile
5/2/13 09:14 AM

Cute pillows! I'm all for throw pillows. It's ok if they collect a little dust. Great for reading books on the floor, making forts, etc. etc.

Extra Pillows in Kids' Rooms: Decorative or Dustcatchers?
5/2/13 09:13 AM

Gorgeous and fun!

Vintage Bathing Suit Wall Art High Point Spring Market 2013
4/24/13 05:23 PM

I'm a teak table lover. Being able to dismantle for storage over the winter is a must!

Best Outdoor Dining Tables 2013 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
4/24/13 12:36 PM

Huh! Outdoor speakers weren't even on my patio radar. Something to consider for sure. If only my Stompin' Tom neighbours would keep it down :)

Getting Ready for Summer Entertaining:
A Guide to Outdoor Audio

4/24/13 12:35 PM

Beautiful and bold! It's tough to tell the size from the photo.


Flat Weave Bench from Surya High Point Spring Market 2013
4/22/13 08:26 AM


Matt Camron Rugs and TapestriesStore Profile
4/19/13 08:49 PM

That pendant can go in my kitchen right now! Right at the window: http://moorofeverything.com/a-pretty-painted-kitchen/ more hex everywhere!

Spring Trend Watch: Honeycomb High Point Market 2013 Preview
4/19/13 08:39 PM

It's cute! They've done a great job of DIYing their space into a home. My only comment would be suggesting higher and wider curtains in the living room - might as well play up all of that height! :) Absolutly love the entry bench and floors!

Victor & Adrienne's DIY Cabin in the Sky House Tour
4/19/13 07:21 AM

Such a stunning ranch! I had no idea Ellen was so into decoration. My Ellen & Portia love is now at 114%.

Get the Look: Ellen & Portia's Art Barn
4/18/13 08:54 PM

We have a teak set, but I love the idea of adding some colour to our outdoor space. Great collection!

Best Outdoor Dining Chairs 2013 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
4/17/13 11:27 PM

Potting bench, yes. Work bench, sort of. We had #1 in our last garage and it was a bit flimsy for projects - ours was purchased at Canadian Tire.

Under $200: Industrial Steel Storage Solutions
4/17/13 11:25 PM

Oh! Anemones... Thought the might have been a type of poppy. My flower seeds are a two weeks in and growing well. :)

The Cutting Garden: Flowers in Warm Tones
4/17/13 07:18 PM

Thanks Igloobuilder! I love the suggestion. Our walls are a very pale blue/white -- depending on the light. I think the idea of going large print would work really well. Plus, sticking near the off-white/beige as the base helps as our dog (and all of his dust-bunnies) are blonde.

9 Outdoor Rugs You'll Want to Use Inside
4/16/13 07:26 PM

Light and pretty!

Shop the Room: Anne & Steve's Modern Pastel Living Room
4/16/13 06:06 PM

That was my thought exactly. Eek Spider! Oh no, just that plant I stuck under my sink.
Those plants are pretty though.

Bring in Spring: Greenify the Space Under Your Sink
4/16/13 06:05 PM

These are great -- am drawn the most to #8.

I am having trouble wrapping my brain around what type of rug I should put in my living room. I have a yellow-grey ikat ottoman, and am worried about too much pattern on pattern. It's causing decision paralysis and my current rug is so beige on beige on beige. Advice? See: http://moorofeverything.com/getting-shit-done/

9 Outdoor Rugs You'll Want to Use Inside
4/16/13 06:02 PM