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oh cool a giant caterpillar made of trash

Handsome & Handmade: Garland, Art & Table Lamp The Thursday MORNING Scavenger
3/30/13 06:57 AM

Tricia - I guess I'm a soft city kid for not wanting something on my plate that has at one (maybe very recent) stage been seething with avian mites? I hope you happily eat hairs you find on your food in restaurants, after all they're likely to be physically cleaner than a bird feather.
It's not some over-sanatized anti-biotic fear, it's actually really quite nasty.

Decorating with Feathers: Ideas & Inspirations
2/26/13 10:45 AM

I'd enjoy off topic stuff more if it wasn't just links trawled from the web that already did the rounds on facebook and twitter several months ago :p

See It to Believe It: Driving Dogs
2/12/13 07:07 PM

Can everyone please, please please stop complaining. seriously. Plenty of fashion magazines do expensive-cheap comparisons all the time, putting a $60 dress from a chain store dress next to similar-looking 6k dress for inspiration, why can't you all realise that this is the same thing?

One Design, Two Budgets:
Modern Floral Bedroom

2/5/13 08:41 PM

I think the appeal of real polaroid walls is that each photo is personal and interesting. To me this is about as pointless and peculiar as those trompe l'oeil wallpapers of book spines

DIY Instax Wallpaper A Beautiful Mess
2/5/13 08:35 PM

not all salmon is wild caught, perhaps that is something to do with what they're referring to?

Great Idea: Turn Salmon Skin Into \"Bacon\" Video
2/3/13 08:20 AM

Amazing post! naysayers and nitpickers be damned - putting the highest of the high-end stuff is useful to show what is out there, as inspiration and a starting point when looking in a normal budget. Not to "pump up the cost artificially". Can't please some people! The cohesion of all the elements and sourcing alone is fantastic, bravo!

One Design, Multiple Budgets: A Beautifully Patterned Big Kids Bedroom
2/3/13 03:03 AM

Look at the way some high-tech cities in the middle east can function. With the immense funding and amazing planning behind them in the first place they are able to build and support themselves with comparitively low use of resources. Hot places can mean solar energy :)

Kenya Plans Pop-Up City Design News 01.25.13
1/26/13 12:56 AM

That's really not expensive for nice quality coloured pencils. Japan takes stationery quality seriously! If you need that many colours in the first place you're probably an artist, illustrator or serious doodler, and $52 is not a bad price at all in that case. If you want a more disposable set for kids there's always crayolas.

Accessorize Your Desk:
Stylish Office Supplies

1/25/13 02:05 AM

I also clicked for pigeon. Pablo, honey

Fun Finds for the City Kid
1/23/13 03:26 AM

setting and ghastly tired colours make it look like some mess that's been retired to the garage, in need of repairs. for 30 years

Organization Revelation: The W-Box Office for Design
1/23/13 03:24 AM

wickedtribe, your edits are absolutely spot-on. I think you absolutely nailed where the mom's conditions cross from legitimate concerns and reasonable rules to kind of silly and unnecessary, and utterly out of touch.

What Do You Think of This Mom's iPhone Contract For Her 13 Year Old Son?
1/21/13 04:59 AM

Stunning! Keep seeing desks in this style for well above the 1k mark. This is even better than a bought one :D

Before & After: From IKEA Dining Table to Chic Desk
1/17/13 05:52 AM

Thanks so much johannav!

Pins Piling Up? 5 Ways to Keep Your Pinterest Clean & Functional
1/13/13 01:27 AM

Yeah watching season 3 at the moment, I don't remember ever seeing (that is, noticing) the hedge garden at all... The massive tree out front with the seat underneath however... siiigh. Screenshot -> http://imgur.com/CDznz

The Perfect Backdrop For Drama:
The Gardens Of Downton Abbey

Garden Design Magazine

1/12/13 01:20 AM

Did you read this on reddit's Life Pro-Tips a few days ago..?

Create Throwaway Emails and Phone Numbers for Big Life Events
1/12/13 01:15 AM

Okay, I hate to be that guy... but does anyone know the source of the pinned image of the where the wild things monster silhouette at top right?

Pins Piling Up? 5 Ways to Keep Your Pinterest Clean & Functional
1/10/13 11:43 PM

personally, when it comes to time to organize fridge and pantry it's so messy that it's much easier to take everything out (of fridge or pantry, not both at the same time) then clean all the food crud off the shelves on one go, and restack it all. Rather than doing little sections and coming back to it. Cuts down on trips out to the compost bin, etc, when all done at the same time :)

Clean Out Your Pantry, Fridge & Freezer in 20 Minutes a Day for 5 Days
1/2/13 10:54 AM

Heya modern_love, seeing as you're taking notes, check out the segment from the film Earthlings about leather production from cows in india. You might learn something.
Anyway, cowhide criticism in this context is about as out of place as saying "I hope that adorable dog in the house tour photo eats only vegan dog food!". Or "I hope those pictured halloween sweets have no gelatin! Cause I don't eat gelatin, and it's all about ME!" Sheesh, pick your battles, people.
The window thing is indeed useful and I am filing it away to be remembered when it counts :)

Small Tricks, Big Difference for an Evolving Home
12/13/12 05:20 AM

I love the look, the textiles, the colours, the beautiful wall treatments! I would love it even more if there were a few more open spaces, it's a tiny bit claustrophobic but maybe that's just the photography :)

Aya & Trevor's Sophisticated Contemporary Condo House Tour
12/12/12 02:32 AM