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You could use some indian tapestries or big sheets to section off the sleeping area. then when you do not need them you can pull back.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Creating a Sleeping Area in Studio Apartment? Good Questions
7/18/09 01:55 PM

When I used the Simply Spray there was no smell at all even when spraying. It does stay soft and does not come off on clothing. I couldn't find the upholstery version in stores but did find it online www.fabricspraypaint.com. I called them and they told me that the regular version is for clothing and not upholstery. You have to read the and follow the directions. It does take a little getting used to spraying.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Would You Ever Paint Your Fabric Furniture?
7/18/09 01:49 PM

Those sofas are awesome. Really got my artistic juices flowing. I have used the fabric spray saint both on upholstered furniture as well as my van's interior. It actually did work quite well. It dried soft. It does not come off on wet clothing. You have to wait 3 days before it is dry. I made the mistake of driving my van early and freaked out when my arm turned red. Then I read the instructions and waited and it was fine.
I would highly recomend this the Simply Spray for painting fabrics. I got mine at www.fabricspraypaint.com My advise:
Read and follow the directions when you try this.
Wrap your finger with a cloth. The trigger hurts after a while.

Now I got to go find a craigslist couch to paint psychedelic.

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7/18/09 01:29 PM