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Thanks for posting this Dee! I pretty much lust over those lofts every time I drive on 880, so it's exciting to finally see inside one. I love your bright airy style, and your seating area under the loft looks cozy and inviting.

Dee's Bright and Modern Oakland Loft House Call | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/23/10 11:47 PM

Giant mirror as back splash..... what a great idea. I am definitely going to try this out in my tiny rental kitchen. It will certainly open the space up a bit and add some drama to an otherwise boring space.

I have never had trouble keeping a bathroom vanity mirror clean, so I can't see why having a mirror as a back splash would be any more difficult.

The only thing that this kitchen lacks IMO is ventilation over the stove. But it's so beautiful that I am not bothered one bit by it.

Beautiful Kitchen — But Is It Practical? House Beautiful | Apartment Therapy New York
1/19/10 04:16 PM

Cardboard has never looked so good!

I love every part of this. The space looks so warm and inviting. The cut edges of the cardboard add a wonderful texture that would not exist if done with wood or metal.

How sturdy do you think the shelves are? This looks like a great alternative to plywood systems from big box stores.

Thanks for posting this great design.

Hidden Lines: A Home Carved Out of a Mountain Dezeen | Apartment Therapy New York
12/7/09 05:27 PM

I love the pink chair and ottoman in the first picture. Can anyone tell me what brand it is and/or where I can find it? Thank you!!!

Apartment Therapy New York | Home & Garden Sales Guide: 7.17.09 New York, Boston, DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Bay Area & Online
7/17/09 11:06 PM